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The Japanese Neighborhood is a little piece of Japan, Korea and China, all together, in the middle of São Paulo. Did you know that São Paulo hosts the largest Japanese community outside Japan? Oh y... más información

Liberdade is the name of a neighborhood in the center of São Paulo. It is home to the largest Japanese community outside Japan in the world, full of japanese restaurants, stores and typical japanes... más información

SP has the largest Japanese community outside Japan and u see it when in Liberdade, somehow similar to Toquio. You can find delicious Japanese restaurants. On Sundays there is an open market.

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Cultural events, arts & music shows, cafe and restaurant low cost

It is not a tourist spot, but is an interesting space to know, because it is more democratic cultural center of the city, where many people enjoying the space to study, practice games and doing dan... más información

Theatre, Cinema, Restaurant, Expo, Performances, very popular, young people... nice place to spend time.


Parque Villa-Lobos

Parques y naturalezaParques
2001 Av. Prof. Fonseca Rodrigues·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Delicioso Parque com grande área verde para piqueniques, ciclovias, esportes em geral, entre outros. (Park with large grassy area for picnics, bike paths, sports in general, among others).

Park is in the Alto de Pinheiros district, City West area, home to the bike path, blocks, wood, soccer fields, playground, exercise equipment, jogging track, basquetes courts.

Located in the Alto dos Pinheiros, in the west of the capital, the park Villa-Lobos is one of the best options for outdoor recreation in the city.

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A arquitetura de Oscar Niemeyer faz aqui o orgulho de sermos latino-americanos. Cinema, exposições e debates. One of the few samples of Oscar Niemeyer architecture in S.P, a Latin America's must-see.

Cultural, political and leisure complex. The architectural setting was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. It has a permanent collection of works of art, and a large assemblage of Latin American folk art.

Great place to Latin art tourism, eventually the place have gastronomical festivals, check on facebook events for it, these festivals are awesome and budget-friendly.

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Movie Theater with a nice café and a good selection of European, Art, and any not main stream movies.

The best movies, a great coffee and good for lunch or dinner, really beside you. Just take the lift and walk 3 minutes to the building beside.

Cinema com 4 salas e seleção cuidadosa de filmes. Movie theater with great selection.

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A major recreational areas in the city center today. The square is frequented by a diverse audience, but especially skaters by having smooth floor ideal for maneuvers and obstacles as handrails

Nice square full of theaters and bars near home. On Saturday afternoon, there is a very traditional samba in one of the bars called Você Vai Se Quiser.

A square surrounded by bars and theaters. Great place to spend weekend nights.


Bar Veloso

Copas y vida nocturnaBares
54 R. Conceição Veloso·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Premiado boteco animado que oferece variado cardápio de pratos, petiscos e aclamadas caipirinhas, além também da melhor coxinha de São Paulo. Recomenda-se chegar meia-hora antes de abrir para conse... más información

$$. Best coxinha in the entire country. Coxinha is the best Brazilian appetizer. Please do a favor to yourself and ask for 4 coxinhas and 1 chopp.

Melhor coxinha da cidade You can eat the best coxinha (pastry with chicken, typical from Brazil) in town



4700 Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Skye is both a bar and restaurant. Its greatest features are the building, designed by Ruy Othake, and the amazing view. Enjoy the sunset on the outside deck to appreciate the view both night and day.

Último andar do Hotel Unique, excelente vista da cidade. Bom lugar para tomar um drink no final da tarde e jantar. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Excellent roof top, on the top o... más información

The hottest spot in Sao Paulo with great background music, international crowd, roof top bar of the Unique Hotel, great drinks, tapas, Japanese rolls, amazing views of the city, especially on a ful... más información

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Great bookstore with a coffee shop inside From eletronic gadgets to kids books

Brazilian Best Buy + books + DVD's.

Just in front of the building, find books , music, anything you need.

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For soccer fans! Morumi Stadium - it hosts São Paulo Futebol Club team. Let me know if you want to do a tour inside the stadium amenities!

If you want to get some nice Football action, this is the nearest Stadium to attend! Home to Sao Paulo Futebol Clube, you can watch amazing games.

The temple of soccer, you can do visit guides to the stadium, restaurants and bars inside

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It is a very nice cafe that usually holds also concerts, parties, exhibitions and cinemas - always for free. It is located right behind Masp at Paulista. You just need to walk on one of the lateral... más información

Nice coffee place and restaurant during lunch. Nice view from Nove de Julho street Every week they have special events since outdoor movies to music shows.

An interesting city's view and a place where to drink a coffe close to the Paulista Avenue ans Museum of Art of São Paulo



2078 R. da Consolação·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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This steak house is a local favorite for its combination of fine, reasonably priced grilled meats, old-fashioned service and late hours. They have another dining room just across the street.

Popular barbecue, honest price but doesn't work with credict card, only cash. Very good feijoada at saturdays.

The reference corner is cheap grilled. The clientele appears to ask the famous chop, not always very soft, but tasty. Another successful dish, it's feijoada on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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Incredible ice cream! The gelato machines, ice cream cabinets and even the spatulas, were all imported from Italy, but the ice cream is made right here. Brazilian flavours too.

This is my favourite ice cream shop! If you stay with us, you can´t miss it! The ice cream there is as good as the ones in Italy! It is italian anyway ;-)

Wonderful ice creams! I love them!! Try Figo (a fruit) os nerissimo (dark chocolate) or many others... It´s a nice opportunity to go there and see Oscar Freire Street (look for Havaianas Mega Store)



Copas y vida nocturnaDiscotecas
141 Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade·Mapa·Sitio web·

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The most famous eletronic dance music in Brazil. Great music and great design. Nice terrace.

The best electronic music in SP. Great ambience.

If you like eletronic music, this is your place. Simply the best eletronic music nightclub in town! You can enjoy the after here also!

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There is a nice park and also the Museum from the Sao Paulo history. Here is where Brasil proclamed its Independency. Currently I think the museum is closed for maitenance, but the park is also nice.

Great museum with a french garden

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The most beautiful restaurant in the city. Figueira Rubaiyat is built around the spreading limbs of a magnificent old fig tree. It serves the best prime beef in São Paulo.

Casa de carnes. A melhor da cidade. Restaurante agradável, ambiente muito aconchegante, serviço de primeira. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Meat house. The best of the city. Amaz... más información

The best meat in the world! It's expensive but worth it! (dinner without wine US$60-100 per person. Also.. really beatiful restaurant with an iconic tree inside

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One of the best shopping malls of Sao Paulo: Sophisticated designer's stores, movie theaters, bars, great restaurants ( try Rascal's, really good food! )

The mall has over 300 stores organized into six floors / Le centre commercial a plus de 300 magasins répartis en six étages

Shopping mall with nice food court and upscale stores like Carolina Herrera, Adolfo Dominguez, Hugo Boss and many others.

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It is the "market" for the most intimate. And they are not few: the cult pub brings together writers, journalists, artists and academics, always with a beer in hand (and a pastel too). Shelves with DV

Muito procurado por estudantes, artistas e intelectuais / Populated by students, artists and intelectuais

Very cool bar, interesting people, cheap beer Bar muito legal, com gente interessante e cerveja barata

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One of the largest outdoor markets in São Paulo, the square holds a market on Saturdays and Sundays full of artisans and a nice selection of food vendors selling freshly made treats from Northeaste... más información

If yo're an "antique"buff, this is the place to go! Held every Sunday, you just need to watch out because there are pickpockets. Dress down and enjoy as real a paulistano! Go by Metro Republica.

Has an arts and crafts and precious stones and food fair is held on República Square every Saturday and Sunday.

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Copan is probably one of the most emblematic buildings of São Paulo. Architect Oscar Niemeyer became internationally recognized for his creative use of Modernism and his architecture’s audacious fo... más información

Designed by modernist master Oscar Niemeyer. The building’s serpentine facade and narrow brises soleil (permanent sunshades) have become a symbol of the city.

This is one of the most famous buildings in São Paulo. You can go on top of the building for some incredible views. You must be there to check-in by 10:00 AM. You don't get to stay on top for very ... más información

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Nice indian vegetarian restaurant. Good and cheap food, interesting place.

Tasteful Indian dishes in a thematized three floors restaurant

I love this restaurant!! Great Indian food, great atmosphere.

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If you want to enjoy a leisure Saturday, this is the place where you can go to find finger food like pastel, sanduiche de pernil amongst others. You can buy tropical fruits here! Super worth! Lunch!

Must see! Nice to buy diverse and beautiful fruit. But great for a beer and Pastel de Bacalhau - Cod filled Pastel - no idea how to translate that. ;)

1/2 hour drive or less to our market where you'll find exotic fruits, exotic meats, cheeses seafood as well as local food to eat at restaurants.

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Another lovely museum in São Paulo, the Pinacoteca houses a huge collection of Brazilian art that serves as a visual story of the country’s history and cultural evolution, as well as a nice collect... más información

Great museum in a very beautiful building. Close to the Luz subway station. Worth it to go. / Ótimo museu em um edifício muito bonito. Ao lado da estação da luz. Vale a visita.

This is one of those galleries that you must visit in São Paulo. There is an excellent variety of paintings and the atmosphere is very welcoming. The building itself is interesting. And unlike most... más información



277 R. Fernando de Albuquerque·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Fusion food - brazilian + asian - excellent option!

It is one of the most successful restaurants in The city. A loyal clientele appears to taste the delicious recipes. There is no escape, for example, the most emblematic of the entries, the kratongtong

Dont miss it. Great food Thai/brasilian. Friendly staff. Beautifull people

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MuBe is right next to it, it's walkable distance, about half an hour through Jd. Europa neighbourhood. Good café inside.

Check ongoing activities before visiting. Walking distance (10min).

This museum always has a diverse and quality artistic program, which encompasses visual arts, cinema, music, dance, theater, gastronomy, as well as diversified courses in the cultural area.

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The largest church in the city. That neighborhood is not very safe, watch out if you go./ A maior igreja da cidade, porém fique atento se for visitar, a vizinhança é perigosa.

Among the sights particularly worth a visit in Sao Paulo are Sé (Cathedral), Jesuits' Church, and the Municipal Market.

The most important church of São Paulo.


Hotel Unique

4700 Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio·Mapa·Sitio web·

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In the top roof of this cool hotel go to Sky Bar: One of the best views of the city with great cocktails. Chic, sophisticated, trend - Expensive too though.

Visually stunning architecture crafted by Ruy Ohtake. Elegant, contemporary design from João Armentano. Innovative gastronomy and drinks presented by Chef Emmanuel Bassoleil at spectacul & sexy Skye

Best city view in the city on super cool bar. Free entrance / skye bar

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24 hours / bakery / restaurant / coffe shop / etc

A quite good bakery full of nice things to eat in or take away very close to Oscar Freire St at Jardins

24/7 mini supermarket; but so much more, place to meet, delicious breads and cheeses, great hot sandwiches, all night soup kitchen and the best breakfast around.



Copas y vida nocturnaBares
282 R. Francisco Leitão·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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This young bar will make you feel the neighborhood. The kebabs are the best in town; good beer and wine menu.

Nice and cozy spot for drinks and arabic food (lunch and dinner)

Good lebanese food. They also deliver! / Ótimo restaurante libanês. Eles também entregam.

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Architecture and design are here. An amazing restaurant, exhibitions, concerts and a beautiful garden are garden are not to miss!

19 minutes walking,there is a traditional Museum in São Paulo with a beautiful garden.

Great museum with beautiful open space, tea house, and nice arts.