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Lugares favoritos de los habitantes locales

1. Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand
1578 Av. Paulista
473recomendaciones locales
Laís Cristina
Laís Cristina: “MASP - exposições One of the most iconic museums in São Paulo, located on Paulista Avenue. It is we...” ·
2. Municipal Theatre of São Paulo
s/n Praça Ramos De Azevedo
134recomendaciones locales
Ivan: “This gem theater is located in the Ild Downtown area and while yes, there is a sizable homeless popu...” ·
3. Instituto Tomie Ohtake
88 Rua Coropé
103recomendaciones locales
Victor: “Modern museum with temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists, the Institute is located in a buil...” ·
4. Sesc Pompeia
93 R. Clélia
105recomendaciones locales
Lucas: “Sesc Pompeia is a cultural place that gathers arts galleries, theaters, restaurants, snacks and even...” ·
5. Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
112 R. Álvares Penteado
78recomendaciones locales
Luciana: “Vey nice museum ate the center of the city. Nice exhibitions and also theater and movies. Free entr...” ·
6. São Paulo Museum of Modern Art
s/n° Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral
64recomendaciones locales
Ma-Rê: “Modern Art Museum, inside Ibirapuera Park, it's a nice walk. They have a very nice coffee shop, gre...” ·
7. Casa das Rosas
37 Av. Paulista
65recomendaciones locales
Raniel & Luciana
Raniel & Luciana: “Mansão antiga chamada Casa das Rosas. Lá existem diversas exposições e tem uma cafeteria nos fundos ...” ·
8. Football Museum
s/n Praça Charles Miler
53recomendaciones locales
Evelyn: “This is a great exhibition for all, not only for fanatics... and inexpensive to visit. Also, there ...” ·
9. São Paulo Cultural Center
1000 Rua Vergueiro
52recomendaciones locales
Maristella: “Cultural events, arts & music shows, cafe and restaurant low cost” ·
10. Paulista Museum
43recomendaciones locales
Caio: “There is a nice park and also the Museum from the Sao Paulo history. Here is where Brasil proclamed ...” ·
11. Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo
2 Praça da Luz
156recomendaciones locales
Makiko: “Another lovely museum in São Paulo, the Pinacoteca houses a huge collection of Brazilian art that se...” ·
12. MIS - Museu da Imagem e do Som de São Paulo
158 Av. Europa
39recomendaciones locales
Ma-Rê: “MuBe is right next to it, it's walkable distance, about half an hour through Jd. Europa neighbourhoo...” ·
13. Museu da Casa Brasileira
2705 Av. Brg. Faria Lima
37recomendaciones locales
Aglay: “Architecture and design are here. An amazing restaurant, exhibitions, concerts and a beautiful garde...” ·
14. Museum of Contemporary Art, University of São Paulo
1301 Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral
29recomendaciones locales
Christian: “New museum in a storic building by Oscar Niemeyer” ·
15. Biblioteca Mário de Andrade
94 R. da Consolação
33recomendaciones locales
Tommy: “If you know portuguese, there's a world here to discover. If you don't, the place is very pleasant, ...” ·
16. Centro Cultural Fiesp
1313 Av. Paulista
23recomendaciones locales
Juliana: “The modern building has a free art gallery and a theater that always has good parts. At night the bu...” ·
17. Ibirapuera Auditorium - Oscar Niemeyer
Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral
21recomendaciones locales
Victor: “This Auditorium was designed by Oscar Niemeyer in the 1950s and was just recently built to become Sã...” ·
18. Theatro São Pedro
171 R. Barra Funda
19recomendaciones locales
José Augusto
José Augusto: “The second oldest theatre in town, it's the Opera house in São Paulo.”
19. Teatro Gazeta
900 Av. Paulista
20recomendaciones locales
20. Teatro Renault
411 Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio
20recomendaciones locales
21. Galeria do Rock
439 Av. São João
45recomendaciones locales
Jefferson: “If you like Rock Music and LP's (long plauy/disco) enjoy the Rock Gallery!” ·
22. Sala São Paulo
16 Praça Júlio Prestes
80recomendaciones locales
Victor: “This amazing concert hall, with a perfect acoustic, was built in and old railway station building. I...” ·
23. Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
930 R. da Consolação
38recomendaciones locales
Letícia: “University - i had studied there.”
24. Museum Afro Brazil
18recomendaciones locales
Guilherme: “Beautiful and colourful collection of Afro Brazilian Art. One of my favourite museums in the city.” ·
25. Instituto Butantan
1500, Butantã Avenida Vital Brasil
35recomendaciones locales
Marco + Mauro
Marco + Mauro: “Brazilian biomedical research center affiliated to the University of São Paulo. Nice green area to t...” ·
26. Museum Lasar Segall
111 Rua Berta
16recomendaciones locales
Kiko & Sara
Kiko & Sara: “It´s a small museum with a couple of temporary exhibitions. There´s also a cafe. Make sure to check ...” ·
27. Museu da Língua Portuguesa
Praça da Luz
61recomendaciones locales
Elcio: “Recently inaugurated Museu da Língua Portuguesa museum, with fascinating permanent exhibits document...” ·
28. Espaço Parlapatões
158 Praça Franklin Roosevelt
14recomendaciones locales
Jefferson: “Parlapatoes Theater, there are good comedy shows here. You can taste brazilian beer on the bar.”
29. Espaço Eco-Cultural Casa Jaya
305 R. Capote Valente
12recomendaciones locales
Licia: “Charming house with good vegetarian lunch” ·
30. Fundação Bienal de São Paulo
s/n Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral
11recomendaciones locales
Guilherme: “Every two years there an art bienal at this building.”