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Hi guys, I've been living in Berlin for three years now. Before that I was living in San Francisco for over a decade, as well as Switzerland as a kid. Photography, traveling hip hop, basketball an... más información
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An absolute must-see place. A historical location, the former airport where Hitler had the million-man march, also the same place where the Americans flew in rations everyday for millions of people... más información

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Huge, delicious Burgers! Usually busy but worth the wait.

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Great burgers in a former bathroom under the train-overpass. Yup, that's what I said.

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More upscale specialty drinks bar. Great whiskey-sour (8 euros).

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The longest stretch of the Berlin Wall in Berlin.

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One of the most under-rated parks in Berlin. Walk along the spree, rent a pedalo/boat, enjoy a beer/cafe. I love this park.

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A little chaotic at time but a cool place for the young and broke. Across the street is the fancier Tier Bar. Weserstrasse has a lot of bars as it's the go-to bar-street in NK.

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One of my favorite place for eggs, croissants and coffee. There is also outdoor seating next to the canal if the weather is nice.

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This mall and the streets around is where you can do a lot of shopping. This is a relatively small shopping district...for bigger ones go to Mitte near Friedrichsstrasse.

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One of the very best Döners in the city. Order a Turkishe-pizza mit Fleisch. Absolutely delicious (be aware of the numerous crappy Döner places in Berlin)

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Total hidden gem. Great park to stroll through and stop for a coffee.

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If you want American-style food, this is the place to go. Great breakfast burritos and Burgers.

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Amazing coffee and small, but delicious, selection of pastries. Good place to co-work or hang out.

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Beautiful rustic and favorite bar in my hood. Try the Rotbart beer.

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Apparently this restaurant serves the biggest Schnitzel in Berlin!

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Great place to go for a swim when it's warm. Can get pretty busy on weekends in the summer but it's one of the most accessible lakes since it's close to the S-Bahn.

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Great German-style restaurant (also great bier-garden in the summer) with good service and affordable prices. They even make pizza and do it well.

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About Neukölln: worth checking out:

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It's a french bar & Restaurant. Typically berlin-style. Amazing food and ambiance. They host jam sessions every now and then.

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One of the top 3 burger joints in Berlin

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One of my favorite Thai Restaurants. Very small but affordable and delicious.

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I've never been but it has received the Council of Europe Museum Prize so it must be pretty interesting.

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This is our main station. You can get to most places in Berlin with the RING-BAHN (Ring train goes all around Berlin)

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Open til 22h

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Open til 22h


Karl-Marx-Straße 228

228 Karl-Marx-Straße·Mapa·

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"Haci Baba Kebabhaus" The best Döner, close to my place