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Cosas que hacer en Phoenix

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Amazing hiking, visit the famous and rigorous hiking that will provide both exercise and breathtaking views of the valley.

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Tiger Woods is coming back to Phoenix for the first time in 14 years! Check out the most unique PGA tournament of the year! It is a party! Thursday - Sunday!!! (Jan29 - Feb 1)

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Not sure if you have heard of the Phoenix Zoo, but it is really excellent... Is it the San Diego Zoo, or the Brooklyn Zoo?? No, but it is wonderful, with a mix of Arizona and the globe. Kids Love!!

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Location of the Superbowl and home of the Arizona Cardinals!

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Location of the Diamondbacks and Rockies Spring Training Fields.

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Home of the San Francisco Giants Spring Training Facility... a classic!

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Amazing organic lunch experience, with picnic like outdoor eating. It is a lot of fun, with delicious food.

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Quite close to downtown Phoenix for the stadiums (Diamondbacks, Suns, Mercury), the museums, and the food.

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Our kids love it, from 1-6+ years old. A great morning, or afternoon, well spent with the littles.

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Classic architecture and full of wonderful shows!

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We are very convenient to the airport, literally about 10 minutes away!

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The Convention Center down town will hold many of the festivities for the Superbowl, and is quite close. only 8 miles. 15 minutes by car, or 1 bus transfer away.

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Home of the Brand New Chicago Cubs Spring Training fields... really gorgeous!

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Another course just a minute away. A lot of fun, with a mix of challenge and excellent condition. A fun course for beginners or scratch players, with a combination of desert, trees, and water.

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Want to get your gambling fix? A new and fun Casino within about 15 minutes, Wild Horse has slots, table games, and an excellent poker room. There are also some amazing restaurants and night clubs!

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A ton of excellent bars and restaurants, right next to ASU, and right on the light rail. Perhaps a $10-15 Uber ride, for a really great time!

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Check out the spring training home of the the Los Angeles Angels. Very close, and a whole lot of fun!!

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Two excellent Troon golf courses, with a Casino moments away. A really excellent day on the links!!! Beautiful, well groomed, and both courses are great for players from scratch to silver...

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A fun place to watch any sporting event with good food, a festive atmosphere, and a lot of TVs. Family friendly, with both indoor and patio seating. A lot of fun!

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A really excellent hike, very close to home. Check out the Arizona desert with the cacti, rocks, and the local fauna... it is a moderate hike, one that can be done with your littles, or a pusher!!

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Ikea is always good fun!!!

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This place is awesome!!! Check it out! Great Produce, Organic, Fruit, Nuts, and Berries.... Local Products!


BOSS Outlet

4976 Premium Outlets Way·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Brand new premium outlets. Very nice and new, great store selections!!!


Costco Wholesale

$$· 1445 W Elliot Rd·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Just because I LOVE Costco!

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A really wonderful grocery store, with a ton of everything!!! Good prices as well.

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An excellent golf course less than a minute away... Moderately priced, in excellent condition. Fun for practice or play, well worth the visit.

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Super fun, a great way to compete with the buds! Drive fast, this indoor kart racing facility is a great time!!! And with the deals on groupon, a good deal too.