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Cosas que hacer en Phoenix

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So many art, animal plant exhibits. Walk thru thousands of Butterflies in Spring, just to mention one.

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Real Ice cream Parlor in an original old west town. Many of Eateries, Art Walk Lots of cute shops.

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Includes a petting zoo, train ride for seeing more in shorter time. December has the special walk to Zoo lights. The Music makes it even more enchanting! Wonderful experience.

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Rent a party boat! pack a picnic, lots of festivals.

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Great exhibits

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Mom's and Dad's visiting your scholar? Students! this is ASU!

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This is such a friendly engineered Airport for pick up or drop off. Oval shaped drive around of all the airlines. Upstair road is for pick up downstairs for drop off. Quick kisses to Keep it moving!

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if you want to get out of the desert go to this Gorgeous mall. Fabulous Restaurants, and the movie theater is a royal treatment. Reservation suggested at least a week in advanced. Very Plush

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Are you here for the spring training?

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Who doesn't like to laugh? Reserve for many famous comedians. Good food and cocktails too!


Organ Stop Pizza

$$· 1149 East Southern Avenue·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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so fun for all ages! pizza and salad, beer and pop. But the real fun is when the big organ comes up out of the floor! Plays lots of songs and puppets. Very Fun! made my mom smile and grand kids

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This is where Super Bowl XLIX 2015 is!!!

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Live music on weekends, pub

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One of my favorite Restaurants in Phoenix area. Reserve for sunset. Spectacular View of all Phoenix. Bands play, dance floor so you can do the 2 step. A slide to ride Rattlesnake on Menu. A must try!

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I love the appetizers and cocktails!

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Lively and Festive for a huge shopping center. One of my favorites is sitting upstairs at Cadillac Ranch and hearing the band in the cul-de=sac down below. Fun to watch all the people too.

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Great Fun for whole family. water slides, go carts, miniature golf, huge arcade

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Fun unusual Restaurant in the dessert. Not far past Canyon Lake


Crackers & Co Cafe

$· 1325 North Greenfield Road·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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We I dony want to cook, I love their breakfasts. Blintzes with Berry compote, eggs benedict

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A bunch of us went. Liked it a lot for drinks and live music. Expensive, so the people are mostly 40 and up.


BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

$$· 6622 East Superstition Springs Boulevard·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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rated well

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takes you to the far end of Canyon Lake. The tour guide will point out volcanic plants, wild life and plants as you feel a breeze in the amazing boat ride

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camping, boating, lazy beach time, four wheelin all around

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Very good!

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Great Steak place.

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Very popular for good buys on shopping

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Paleontology, Archaeology

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Its a fun place to visit with shoot outs, can go down in real gold mine. Women of the west, train tour, food

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Great reviews for fun bar



$· 1150 North Higley Road·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Kids eat free specials and Great $1.99 specials for seniors