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A little bit more fancy, but with a nice relaxed atmosphere, Tier is famous for its sophisticated coctails. Perfect place to go for a date.

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Coffee and Internet at the day time and a nice hang out in the evening.

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Nest, fancy, a bit expensive for berlin, but delicious.

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One of the most important spots in Berlin for concerts. Check what's on while in Berlin.

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Club on the ship, open in winter as well.

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Closest night shop.

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New Vegan/Vegetarian Café just around the block. Superfood and healthy breakfasts, great sandwiches.

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zimt und mehl, nice turkish bakery shop on the channel with a great breakfast option. very hip in summer because of the canal.

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One of the best Bio markets in Berlin, it has a great choice of vegetables and during the day serve delicious soup and has amazing croissants for breakfast. Just 3 min from home.

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Club der Visionäre. Open in summer. In winter relocated to canteen just across the street.


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huge and open both sat and sundays flee-market under the roof (so a nice option for walking also on the cloudy days). from very cheap cute things to exclusive stuff.