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We're a married couple. Tina hails from Washington, DC and works in non-profits, Sebastian is from Berlin, Germany and works in academia. We both love to travel and our favorite destination is Ista... más información
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Cosas que hacer en Berlín

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The fleamarket in berlin! Huge but also great bargains, lots of stuff to discover. Also it is very crowded. But next to it, you will find the popular open air karaoke show, on weekends, in Mauerpark.

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Great place in summer, a very big field where you see kites, skaters, joggers, picknicker, urban gardeners and just about every sport you can play outside..really nice to get away without leaving town

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The tourist favorite, but indeed a very nice location above the water under the trees. Hip, nternatinal crowd here and DJs...

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Great food market to check out local food artisans, like the vegetarian burger and smoothies booth, or the booth with the best BBQ and pulled pork sandwiches in town. Always thursdays and saturdays..

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Really, really good burger served out of a former public toilette. Also try the cheese fries...

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One of the leading electro clubs n Berlin, wit beautiful location at the river Spree...

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The longest still existing strip of the Berlin Wall....

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Great place eto play some music from the jukebox, and if you are lucky you can catch the huge beach chair on the balcony, overlooking the channel and play some chess...

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Very atmospheric and lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and specialities. Always tuesdays and fridays (i believe, better double-check)...

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New but unknown international acts play here in this beautiful concert hall. They also have lots of dance parties...

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In the former train repair workshops, a hip-hop club / beergarden...and there is also some bulder climbing on the venue....



$$· 2 Vor dem Schlesischen Tor·Mapa·Sitio web·

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Great, hidden place at the water side, very romantic, but also quite full sometimes. The food is in my experience not worth the high prices, but they might have improved...

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A place fallen out of time....

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The best museum in town, with changing exhibitions, mostly photos, but also about Aztecs, sioux, Ai Wei Wei, archeology, and just about everything, but always in very high quality....


De Noantri

$$· 63 Görlitzer Str.·Mapa·Horas·

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Best pizza n town! Really! Especially their buffallo mozzarella pizza is simple but so delicious! Just down stairs....

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Nice jazzbar and restaurant with beautiful garden, live music and good local beer and food....

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Great view over the city and always life music by street musicians...

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Nice little french place, with life music and the furniture on the ceiling...

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Most beautiful open air cinema in town, behind the former bethanien hospital under huge trees. They often play original with subtitles and also german movies with english subtitles....

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Te real kreuzberg place in summer. Public pool, cheap and great also to get n touch with real kreuzbergers...

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Really nice venue, couched almost into the train tracks, international crowd and lots of dancing and more....

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The place to go when you want to sing.mif you want a separee make sure to reserve it before is a very popular bar..

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Rosa Luxemburgs favorite place in Berlin. Great whileminian garden with huge tropical greenhouses from the 19th century...incredibly beautiful!

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The former headquarters of the Gestapo, the secret police of the nazis. Here numerous dissidents where incarcerated and tortured and deported. Its a free, very interesting exhibition and a library.

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The place to get everything you might need. A huge department store with several levels, selling food, cloth, kitchen supplies, toys, tools, office supplies...well, everything...


Möbel Olfe

Copas y vida nocturnaBares
$· 177 Reichenberger Str.·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Gay lesbian bar, with lots of nice and interesting people. A bit smoky though, but defenitely a great place especially for later in the night...

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An intersting take on minature golf, very artsy and for the family!

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An oasis of calm, a former part of the channel now a pond for swans and ducks. Nice relaxed cafe there too and a beautiful church overlooking the scenery...

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Local public bath, opened during autumn-spring...especially nice in early mornings, but you could also get a massage there and they also have kids play hours, etc.

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The classic place to go swimming in the lake. The public beach exists since the 19th century, songs are written about it