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I am a working professional feature film producer. I travel often for work and enjoy opening my home to guests when I travel or to share space with long term guests if I have rooms available. Ver... más información
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Cosas que hacer en Phoenix

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Nature you can ONLY see in Phoenix, Arizona.

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A really cool attraction!

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Iconic views, but the parking is a you will need to do your research!

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Look 'em up for the latest indie music artist scene. Fun and swanky!

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This is where the sometimes perceived as obnoxious golf tournament takes place. They come here by the hundreds of thousands for a reason.

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Wine bar. Excellent! Quite the social scene for the mature crowd (34+)

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I've been to the most incredible malls throughout the world, from Bangkok, Thailand to London, England. Fashion Square in Scottsdale has it all in the fashion you would expect for Scottsdale, Ariz... más información

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Great food for late night, also a reasonably priced pub/bar with patio and fun activities.

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Another award winning spot. They hold a very high standard in this area because so many high profile patrons expect the best.

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Gluten Free Healthy fare

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Movies with full menu and alcohol and non-alcohol

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games for adults. fun spot.

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Video games for those 20-30 something folks. Hundreds Traditional quarter-fed arcade games in 21 and up bar.

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Its everything, coffee shop during business hours, music scene on the weekend, and has a little known independently owned Tiki bar in the basement that serves up the most delicious mixology drinks.... más información

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Airport is only 15 mins from my location. $10-15 Uber or Lyft ride.

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Everything you could want for dining, shopping and entertainment!


North Italia

$$· 4925 North 40th Street·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Excellent reviews. Look it up, I don't need to say more. Within 5 blocks of the house.

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Indoor, interactive rainforest habitat housing thousands of butterflies, plus a cafe & gift shop.

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Pizza is amazing, gluten free options, coffee shop and a specialty wine seller, very popular for the weekend active hike scene.

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Excellent burger joint for the allergy challenged and the "I don't have that problem" crowd. This is the best gluten free burger joint I have ever found. You can actually eat the fries if you are ... más información

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Another excellent chef. How can we have so many within a 5 block radius? IF you are a foodie, this is a great place to explore!

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ONLY ONE IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES! Octane has high-speed race karts that carve up the corners and fly down the straightaways up to 45 MPH on a challenging road course. Our 1/3 mile track is the... más información

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Great Breakfast shop within walking distance.

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This is in ASU territory so its mostly a college crowd. Lots of fun and good music if you are looking for a non-las vegas down to earth piano bar experience.

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doesn't the description say it all? Reasonably priced and very high quality. A jewel in the desert. I usually wouldn't seek out shushi in AZ, but this is in a community that does not expect less.

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If you golf, this is a course that needs to be on your bucket list.


Dolphinaris Arizona

Todo lo demás
9500 East Vía de Ventura·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Here’s your chance to experience a personal interaction with one of our dolphins! Step into water that is 3 feet deep and prepare to be amazed as one of our dolphins swims up to join you. Get an u... más información

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Little known, but incredible chef with very tasty menu. You wouldn't even know it is there...but the best food experience I have had as a world traveler. Reminds me of a small mom n pop in Italy, ... más información

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2.5 minute drive from the house. Open until midnight. Everything you could possibly need for your comforts.