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Cosas que hacer en Montreal

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The nicest bar in the city, it's all wood and cool people, there are music festivals there (Suoni per il popolo...) and they sell good food

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It's one of the trendiest bars in the trendiest neighbourhood, the drinks are great, LGBTQ+ friendly and a heaven for all the bikers (bikes, not motorcycles) out there.

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The only arthouse movie theater in Montreal. It's cheap and the best movies in town are played there.

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Good drinks, LGBTQ+ friendly, bowling alley.

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They have good food, the ambiance is amazing, they play good music (soul, jazz, indie rock, etc.) and there are a lot of good shows taking place there as well. I usually go there to study, eat, hav... más información

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Good beer selection


Apt. 200

$$· 3643 Boul St-Laurent·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Nightclub/bar, the have 2 free pool tables and arcades. The decor is nice and cozy.

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Blues, pool and snacks.

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The Belgo is basically a building full of contemporary art galleries, it's a really nice place, but you'd have to check out the schedule, as it's not opened everyday.

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The biggest gathering in town happens there on sundays. People play music and have a good time with friends. Otherwise it's a nice spot for a late night beer outside or a good spot to see the city ... más información

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The live music rocks and the crowd is sweet, the ambiance is really cool.



Todo lo demás
335 Boul de Maisonneuve E·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Good place to see old cult/classic/uderground movies, they have an incredibly wide collection and the programmation is always good. It's THE place for any film lover out there and their bar is a sw... más información

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Live music is often played there. It's small, relaxed, the jams are amazing and they sell hot dogs.


The Wiggle Room

Todo lo demás
3874 St Laurent Blvd·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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**Burlesque shows** The burlesque scene in Montreal is a thing, this may not be known by every Montrealer out there but it is. The Wiggle Room is an old-timey bar with good drinks and amazing shows !

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You go there because you're gothic/punk and want to dance to 80's music. Nobody will grab your ass when you're dancing, leather/latex friendly.