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Cosas que hacer en Phoenix

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This is a beautiful spot for a long walk and a bite or drink at their tasty restaurant. Bring a book and chill on one of their many benches. There are small concerts many nights. Best on cooler day... más información

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One of the most popular peaks to hike, this one requires about 1 hr or more for the ascent alone. Drink lots of water before setting off and bring plenty of water with you, especially when temperat... más información

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They have some great exhibits and the building itself is cool. There is a moderate fee for entry, but there are regular events allowing free entry. Check out:

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Medium challenging hiking trails. Bring lots of water. It will surprise you.

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Check out the music groups coming through for concerts, or enjoy Saturday night flamenco in the cozy dining area. Great guacamole and drinks as well.

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They have great pork green chile and are just around the corner. Known as TMI locally, it is a local hub.

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Can't speak to this one with direct experience, but people tell me it's great and it is often full. Vegan food owned by the same folks as Nami, and right next door.

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A nice restaurant in a surprising location, but sometimes the owners and staff have a bit more attitude than seems warranted.

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Delicious food and drinks served up in a funky little space. Be sure to listen for the man whistling like a bird while he moves through the space, clearing tables, setting tables faster than I have... más información

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This walk-up diner with outdoor seating is a delight. For the vegetarians among us, you will hardly believe their BBQ jackfruit. Even the staff have a hard time distinguishing it from the BBQ pork.... más información

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Great network of hiking and biking trails. There are lots of trailheads, so do a little looking to see which one suits. As always, bring LOTS of water on any hike or biking expedition, especially... más información

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Pretty good pizza just around the corner.

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Great salsas and guac!

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Who had any idea that soy soft serve "ice-cream" was so delicious? This place is often packed with people who get that craving. They also serve gluten free donuts and several other vegan and/or glu... más información

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Their enchiladas are so good. So is their soup, and their tacos. The sauces tend toward spicy, so those with sensitive palates will have to work to keep it within range. For those of us who love fr... más información

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These folks know how to cook. And their drink concoctions are amazing. This is more of a special occasion or nicer meet-up location, and the staff put on unnecessary airs so it hasn't become one of... más información

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The closest natural food grocery story.

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Open until 2pm, Duza's has great breakfast and lunch food. Great as in delicious. And for reasonable prices. They also have a heavily shaded outdoor patio area that is always peppered with people w... más información

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Great jazz venue. BYOB. BYOF. Entrance fees vary. Check out the shows online.

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They have delicious vegetarian and gluten free options, in addition to fish and other fare. The lemonades are delightful. Prices are a little higher than might be expected for a place where you ord... más información

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Good, inexpensive tacos and bowls are served up quick. Better as a take out venue, as it is low on ambience.

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The closest, decent convenience store.

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A short, steep hike up a mostly paved path, you can enjoy gorgeous views of the valley, city and other preserves.

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The closest Trade Joe's.

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This sweet, private park is lovely and peaceful. You hardly know that you are in a desert. There is a small, $5 entrance fee. Take a stroll. Bring a book.

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Take in an opera or listen to the symphony perform! There is limited street parking and several parking garages within a block, including one on 2nd St between Adams and Monroe and one on 1st St be... más información

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The closest, large grocery story.

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What might be considered a hole in the wall, the Middle Eastern Bakery serves up some tasty falafel (and other dishes). Their baklava! Their orange water honey lemonade! And they offer legitimately... más información

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Closest drugstore/pharmacy

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Yoga, barre classes and massage, just around the corner. Sutra often offers discount packages for classes or trial memberships, so you can get in your practice during your stay. http://www.sutrast... más información