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My husband and I are happily retired. We enjoy traveling, cruising and hosting. We are laidback and very easy going. We enjoy Sci-fi and action movies. Ron loves reading, and I love cooking. ... más información
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Cosas que hacer en Phoenix

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It has one of the worlds finest collections of desert plants, with 44 botanical gardens accredited by the American Association of Museums. Also you'll find 50 acres of beautiful outdoor exhibits.

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Old Town Scottsdale is a fun place to visit during your sty in the Phoenix area. There's tons of places to dine as well as visiting art galleries, museums, theaters, nightlife and shopping. The Sco... más información

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Papago Park is a municipal park of the cities of Phoenix and Tempe. It has been designated as a Phoenix point of pride. It includes Hunt's Tomb which is listed on the National Register of Historic... más información

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If you have any interest in Native American culture this is an amazing museum to visit.

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Opened in April 2010, it's the largest museum of its type in the world. It has a collection of over 15,000 instruments and associated objects from nearly 200 countries and territories representing ... más información

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Home to more than 1400 animals including more than 30 different endangered or threatened species from around the world. Enjoy your tour, return home and ask Emma to fix you a delightful vegan or ... más información

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TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FOLLOWING FREE VISITS: Botanical Garden: Free the second Tuesday of each month 8am to 8pm Phoexni Art Museum: Free on Wednesdays from 3pm to 9pm Scottsdale Art Walk: 7pm to 9p... más información

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A step back in time to visit the old west.

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Lake activities such as paddle boats in addition to biking and walking paths as well as grassy areas for pic-nicking. There's horseback riding for those who want to experience the Wild Wild West. I... más información

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Excellent food and service with a fantastic atmosphere. There are lots of TV screens, great happy hour menu and drinks at affordable prices. Nice place to hang out for a couple or alone. Food i... más información

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Spend 1/2 day tubing on the Salt River! Lather lots of SPF on your skin, stay hydrated, it's a lot of fun!!!

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Mill Avenue is the main thoroughfare through downtown Tempe. It's within walking distance to Arizona State University and has many shops, restaurants and drinking establishments. Especially fun... más información

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Food and games are great for all ages!

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Watch divers feed the sharks! Right at the Arizona Mills, enjoy shopping, eating etc. Check for coupons!

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Schnefp Farm is an awesome place to visit for all ages! There you can ride a trolley, get a personal tour by the owner Mark Schnepf. Watch a pig show! Pick up your own produce, ride a roll-a-coas... más información

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It has everything one can ever need from a mall.

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Our guests love this place so we recommend it!

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There are several Biscuits throughout the Valley. Great breakfast, warm friendly people work there!

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It addition to good bar food, there's live music every Friday and Saturday nights. It is close by!

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Fresh Sushi and Sashimi but also Chicken Teriyaki options for those who like it cooked! Friendly, quick service and Daily specials are always displayed at the entrance. Prices are very reasonable... más información



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7014 E Camelback Rd·Mapa·

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Take a tour of Scottsdale using a trolley!


Foothills Golf Club

$$· 2201 East Clubhouse Drive·Mapa·Sitio web·

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Check out this website! It has all the trails listed in the Valley and lets you know difficulty levels.

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This is one of a kind international grocery store! You will find the most unusual fruits and vegetable, spices from around the world, organic produce, teas, fresh fish, meat. Aisles are organized ... más información

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Good place to shop for premium brands at a discount price (i.e. Nike etc...) You'll also find a Food Court to grab lunch and touristic brochures too!

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It is more expensive than Fry's grocery store, however it is just minutes away from us.



$$· 1159 West Chandler Boulevard·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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it is just 5 minutes away