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Well, I do work a LOT! And I go to school full-time so v. v. busy! I have two jobs, one at a sort of foodstore/café hyrid filled with a cast of magnificently bizarre and amazing co-workers who are ... más información

Cosas que hacer en Montreal

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One of my favourite things about Montreal is that is has preserved its place of ''founding'' (I say ''founding'' because Montreal was a place before the Europeans got here even thought the history ... más información

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Number one, the view, number two, the history! Im a big history fanatic so anything like that will really peek my interest, plus gorgeous architecture, you cant loose.

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Tam Tams is a staple of Montreal culture. Its a weekly ''festival'' that happens at the base of Mount Royal on ave Parc near/around the George-Étienne Cartier statue every sunday lasting as long as... más información


Honey Martin

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5916 Sherbrooke Street West·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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The place is tiny but there are smal really great artists that come and sing and the ambiance is really very pleasant, very bar down the street/local place that everyone loves.