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Sou nascida e criada em São Paulo e amo minha cidade! É por isso que eu decidi que iria acolher as pessoas em casa: quero que elas tenham grandes momentos e amem a minha cidade tanto quanto eu! O... más información

Cosas que hacer en São Paulo

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The most famous park in Sao Paulo. A green space in the middle of city designed by one of the most famous brazilian architects (Oscar Niemeyer).

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Municipal Theatre of São Paulo is regarded as one of the landmarks of the city, significant both for its architectural value as well as for its historical importance.

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It's a really famous place in a lovely street full of restaurants!

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Famous street full of bars and nightclub near Paulista Avenue. Also a very good place for vegetarians and vegans. There are some restaurants there and most of them have vegetarian and vegan options.



$$$· 72 Alameda Min. Rocha Azevedo·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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A classic spot to see and be seen! Nice and little expensive restaurant, with tasty food and beautiful people. Spot is an enduring Sampa favourite, so come prepared to wait a little for a table whi... más información

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This is a spot in Copan building great for weekend lunches, early dinner or even a happy hour. It's a informal environment with excellent service, some brazilian traditional dishes and tasty capiri... más información

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Cool place full of graffitis in the Vila Madalena neighborhood. On weekends, there are music and foodtrucks on the street.

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Rua 25 de Março (in English: March 25th Street) is a popular shopping street in the central zone of São Paulo. It is known for large crowds and discount shopping.

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Liberdade is the name of a neighborhood in the center of São Paulo. It is home to the largest Japanese community outside Japan in the world, full of japanese restaurants, stores and typical japanes... más información

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Nice square full of theaters and bars near home. On Saturday afternoon, there is a very traditional samba in one of the bars called Você Vai Se Quiser.



Copas y vida nocturnaDiscotecas
141 Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade·Mapa·Sitio web·

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If you like eletronic music, this is your place. Simply the best eletronic music nightclub in town! You can enjoy the after here also!

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One of the most important art museums in Brazil. The Pinacoteca has a wide-ranging collection of Brazilian and European art, most of them from 19th-century as well as a collection of the Brazilian ... más información

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This museum always has a diverse and quality artistic program, which encompasses visual arts, cinema, music, dance, theater, gastronomy, as well as diversified courses in the cultural area.

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It's an overpass in the central area of Sao Paulo. At night and on weekends it is closed for cars and becomes the Parque Minhocão (Minhocao Park), when it is occupied by people who want to workout,... más información

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Nice bar for a late happy hour with a tiny dance floor and good DJs


Square Sunset

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Praça Cel. Custódio Fernandes Pinheiro·Mapa·Sitio web·

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A square with one of the best views of the sunset in Sao Paulo

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Nice rooftop with a beautiful view of Sao Paulo

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The nearest metro station. Less than 10 minutes walking from home.

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Galeria do Rock is a shopping mall located in the city of São Paulo. It has about 400 shopping facilities, with predominance of rock, hip hop and other music-related stores, which sell records, app... más información



Copas y vida nocturnaBares
$$· 43 Rua Gen. Jardim·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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JazzB is a jazz bar with an intimate ambience, low lighting, a small stage, with a great selection of jazz musicians and good drinks!

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Very traditional Samba School that starts rehearsing for the official Carnival parade in October. From October until the Carnival date, you can go to the rehearsals and listen to the Samba School D... más información


Mundo Pensante

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830 R. Treze de Maio·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Small night club with brazilian music and cool people. Sometimes they have live music also.



$$· 589 R. Treze de Maio·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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My favorite italian restaurant! Delicious food for a good price and a weird decoration!


Lekitsch Bar

Copas y vida nocturnaBares
142 Praça Franklin Roosevelt·Mapa·Horas·

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I recommend you to sit on one of the sidewalk tables and have a beer admiring the Roosevelt Square!

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Old and traditional ice cream parlor with vegan options. Payment only in cash.

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It is an international chain of bakery-restaurant and a very good option for breakfast, lunch or dinner with tasty and healthy food with outdoor seating. Also a good option for vegans and vegetarians.

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The Municipal Market is a large public market specialized in fruits, vegetables, cereals, spices and other brazilian food. It's located in the historic center of Sao Paulo. On the first floor, ther... más información

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I don't really know if this may be classified as a bar or a restaurant. Typical arab food made by refugees. They have the most delicious falafel that I've ever tried! You can also find several cach... más información