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The Desert Botanical Garden features the best plants, flowers and wildlife that the Sonoran Desert has to offer. The Garden has multiple walking paths and it offers your best chance to see unique d... más información

Not your typical botanical garden, this is really a unique and worthwhile experience. You will be blown away by the variety of plants, especially during spring - when the wildflowers are blooming. ... más información

See the Desert by day and the Desert by night! A must for green-thumbs, garden-lovers, photographers and zen masters. Plenty-o-plant life for botanical enthusiasts and nature lovers. It abounds wit... más información

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Piestewa Peak at 2,610 feet (796 m) is the second highest point in the Phoenix Mountains, after Camelback Mountain, and the third highest in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. It is located in the Piest... más información

Great for Hiking and it is so close we can see it from the Back Yard! Hiking to the summit of Piestewa has become a cultural tradition in Phoenix. Inexperienced hikers typically hike the lower por... más información

Hike this great summit trail, just 10 minutes away from the house. Amazing views of the entire valley. Trail is located off of E Squaw peak drive via Camelback Road. Bring plenty of water, at least... más información

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Its massive, otherworldly sandstone buttes set Papago Park apart, even in a city and state filled with world-class natural attractions. While visitors to Papago can enjoy its extensive trail network

Papago Park is large park where the zoo and botanical gardens are. It also has a hidden spot where you can drive up to where you can see the whole city, watch the sunset, and see the city lights. ... más información

Papago Park is a municipal park of the cities of Phoenix and Tempe. It has been designated as a Phoenix point of pride. It includes Hunt's Tomb which is listed on the National Register of Historic... más información

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This mountain preserve has endless hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking options. There are a number of locations from which to enter the park. You could get to the trails by walking from ... más información

South Mountain Park is considered one of the nations largest Municipal Parks. Drive up the mountain from Central Ave to see the whole valley. Great place for a picnic or just a quick visit to see t... más información

16,000-acre area with many trails, wildlife & a drivable road to a lookout with sweeping city views. Often is referred to as the largest municipal park in the country. The main entrance -- 10211 S... más información

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Great hiking trails only 25 minutes from the condo. From easy interpretive trails to moderate and long-distance hiking you'll enjoy this Sonoran Desert hike. Amazing down-valley and mountain view... más información

Tons of hiking trails are here. I bike to the trailhead sometimes. It is all uphill and is tough on a cruiser but is a great workout. My favorite trail in this preserve is actually Sunrise which yo... más información

Gateway loop is a beautiful trail, takes about 3 hours and is a 4 mile loop. Also there is a nature trail that is flat and takes 30 minutes and is less than a mile. Highly recommend if you want to ... más información

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Within walking distance from my home. Highly recommended hike that overlooks the entire city. Awesome for taking photos. Make sure to have good grip on your shoes, snacks and lots of water.

Moderate to difficult hike...not to be underestimated. Bring plenty of water, and wear proper shoes. Do not hike after 9am in the hotter months. Echo Canyon Trail is shorter, but more vertical and ... más información

Camelback Mountain is a mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The English name is derived from its shape, which resembles the hump and head of a kneeling camel. The mountain, a prominent lan... más información

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Enjoy an afternoon out around the beautiful Tempe Town Lake. Here you can have a picnic, take a leisurely bike ride (rent a bike at The Bicycle Cellar), rent a boat or paddle board, or have fun at ... más información

Technically there is no beach, but a nice place to walk or go for a run around Tempe Town Lake. Stand-up Paddle Boards and pedal boats are available for rent. Concerts and festivals are sometimes h... más información

Go for a walk along the "lake", or rent a paddle board or boat to take a ride around the lake. There are often HUGE concerts throughout the year, especially in the fall, winter and spring!

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Although surrounded by civilization, the Phoenix Mountains Preserve provides a variety of hikes with amazing city views and secluded valleys. Bring your dog, bike or horse on miles of pristine Sono... más información

Great hike in either through of the following entrances: - Piestawa Peak - Dreamy Draw - 32nd st very nice hike through the park, You can stay on low grounds or you can hike up little.

It's HUGE! Everyone goes to Camelback Mountain, but a climb up Squaw Peak (it's called Piestewa now) will blow that away if you have the time. The hike is a bit technical, but well worth it. The vi... más información

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Bring your water, good shoes, and sunscreen. This hike doesn't look hard, but it winds around and around for almost 2 miles up hill. But the reward is at the top! The view is amazing! Go early when... más información

Scottsdale Park Trail that gives you a wonderful view of the city. It's a fairly steep trail but well worth it...bring plenty of water. Have breakfast at the General Store after all your hard work.

This a great hiking trail for any level. It has a winding trail that has ups and downs both ways. So, just walk until you feel "half way done" and turn around, or hike the whole thing! Always remem... más información

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Moderate to difficult hike...not to be underestimated. Bring plenty of water, and wear proper shoes. Do not hike after 9am in the hotter months. Cholla Trail is the slightly longer, and not quite a... más información

Great hike! The more mellow hike up the camel's back. A quarter mile longer than up the nose but a much more gradual incline. Allot 2 hours to get up and down. Parking is along Invergordon and ther... más información

This is the backside entrance to Camelback Mountain. Good for a warm up to the peak and then you can go down the Echo Canyon Trail and walk around back to your car or bike. This is an awesome adven... más información

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Lake Pleasant is a power boater's dream. As the largest lake in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, load-up all your water recreation toys. You're in for a blast. Its pristine waters cover over 10,000 ac

Thirty minutes from us. Spend the day at the lake. Boat and jet ski rentals available and then eat at the floating bar and restrarant - Dillon's KC BBQ Bayou- Pleasant Harbor Marina

A large regional park with hiking trails, camping and house boating along with many other water activities on the lake. Fishing, water-jetting, kayaking are just 45 minutes away. River water-tubing... más información

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A bit of a drive (30 miles), but the scenery is beautiful. You'll wind around the roadway until huge bluffs and the lake comes into view. You will need a pass to get in since its Tonto National Pa... más información

The drive alone is fun. The road undulates its way the this local lake and marina. There a plenty of picnic tables and covered spaces for a fun day. The lake has been low recently but water craft a... más información

Rent a kayak, SUP, pontoon or fishing boat from the Marina. Scottsdale Triathlon club does open-water swim training location. The Marina also has a restaurant with bar. Beautiful large lake in t... más información

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A token experience for any Tempe tourist. A very easy, mostly paved hike up (roughly 15 mins). The top of the mountain offers spectacular views of the valley and a great photo opportunity.

Great place to hike and get a view of the city or watch planes fly over.

A short but strenuous hike up "A" Mountain will give you a great view of Tempe. Once you're up there, be sure to look out for the petroglyphs.

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The McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park is a 30-acre park, located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, and is the most unique park of its kind in the country. Take a ride on the Paradise & Pacific Ra... más información

They have a full range of things to do including some miniature train & carousel rides, a model railroad exhibit building, a restaurant, picnic areas, a park, and some classic train tours. It's a... más información

For the railroad enthusiasts in your family. Has historic full-size rail cars and locomotives on display, a working miniature railroad you can ride around the park, and indoor model railroad layout... más información

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Close mountain hiking and biking. Great hike right from the front door. Stop at Aunt Chilada's for a margarita on the walk home.

From Draw Nature Trail (#220) is a 4.2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Phoenix, AZ that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail... más información

One mile from the house. This is a beautiful area for hiking and mountain biking. There are some covered tables for picnics and a paved bike trail too. There are a lot of trails and it's easy to ge... más información

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Closest mountain to the house. It is also about a 30-40 minute round trip walk to the top. It is paved, so the walk is as nice as can be for climbing to a summit.

Our favorite and closest place to hike. Just drive up 7th avenue until it ends and start walking - in minutes you'll be surrounded by desert and forget you were just in the middle of the city.

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Just a short drive away, west at end of Olive Street. Wild flowers in season, park and picnicking, library and learning center. Also hiking trails, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping.

Rugged area with trails for hiking, biking & horseback riding, plus sites for tent & RV camping.

Hiking Trails, Waterfall depending on recent rain, fee at entry

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Camping and hiking trails with the best views of the Superstition Mountain. A must stop place for visitors!

The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine (also known by similar names) is, according to legend, a rich gold mine hidden in the southwestern United States.

Lost Dutchman is a beautiful place to camp, hike, and mountain bike. My favorite hike out there is the Flatiron hike via the Siphon Draw trail. It's extremely difficult (don't go in the summer), bu... más información

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A Japanese garden in Phoenix? Yes, indeed. It's not as lush as many you'll see, but for a desert park it's rather beautiful.

Feed the ducks and watch the turtles in this GORGEOUS Japanese garden. Have tea time (reservations required) and meditate. It's only 5 bucks to get in and has many places for photos. Not a huge par... más información

Enjoy a tea ceremony at the Japanese Friendship Garden. The 3.5-acre park features 1,500 tons of hand-selected rock, more than 50 varieties of plants, and a koi pond with more than 300 fish. Taking... más información

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This park is often host to various festivals and events from Pride to Light Up a Life. There's also a dog park and fabulous water features. Learn a bit about AZ history as you walk or jog around... más información

Dual playground park (ages 2-5 and ages 5+), large fields, lake, dog park area (small dog park and large dog park are separate). Convenient access right off the light rail!

Geo cache, walk, ducks, inner city, views, basketball, Highland Games, Gay Pride Festival and Parade

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This isn't a beach as you'd imagine but it does have jet ski and boat rental and the ability to camp overnight. Who says Arizona is only desert! With it being just an hour away we make our way ou... más información

This makes a nice half-day trip to a nearby desert lake. There is a humble restaurant overlooking the lake (hamburgers, etc.). Drive back along the Salt River and end your trip in Mesa near the L... más información

Beautiful spot where the lake is up against the canyon. Rent a boat and go to the end of the lake (about 1 mile). Rent jet skis or take a tour boat into the canyon. Get fish and chips at the res... más información

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The fall chili festival around Halloween and spring peach festival are not to be missed. Occasional pick your own vegetables and fruit, baked goods and restaurant.

Really cool farm with up pick garden, train ride for young guests, bakery, fresh produce and more. Only open thurs-sundays!

Arizona farm with lots of activities in nearby Queen Creek

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Great park that includes a small amusement park, golfing, paddle boats for rental through the lake, playgrounds, and much more. Rated among top 10 city parks in the country.

This 222-acre city park oasis with picnic areas, a lagoon, boat house, swimming pool, nature trail, urban fishing and two golf courses with modest fees. Great spot for a picnic!

Historic, huge green space with amusement park, golf course, tennis courts, play ground, etc. Less than a mile from Granada Guest House.

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Its a relatively easy hike to the top of A Mountain. At the top, check out great views and see all of Tempe, including Sun Devil Stadium.

Walk out into the cul-de-sac and look toward Mill Ave... see that land-lump poking out above all the buildings? That's A-Mountain. If you're in the mood for a short, but strenuous hike - walk on ov... más información

Short walk to the top of A mountain, with a great view of downtown tempe!

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Great hike, 4.6 miles, easy-moderate intensity.

The main access point to many different trails. Great hike for young children as the trails are wide, clean, and an easy hike. If you are hiking with children, make sure to check out the Bajada Nat... más información

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A great hike just a few miles away. No houses, just Saguaros, the mountains and a beautiful view of Phoenix from 3000 ft.

Mountain biking, hiking, nature tours. The largest county owned park in the nation.

This is a beautiful area for hiking and mountain biking. Miles of trails. Try the Scenic or Escondido trail for a great view of the desert and the Four Peaks. Nature Center is great for the kids wi... más información

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Offers a wonderful selection of desert hiking and picnicking options accessible to wide range of individuals. Choose from simple treks that are just a short distance from parking to more active cl... más información

Great hike on Wind Cave trail about 3 miles long and 900 feet elevation. Only 10 minutes from the house.

If any of you think the desert is all brown and dull, Usery Mountain Regional Park will put that to rest real quick. With over 3,500 acres of pure natural wonder, the park is pure eye candy. Make s... más información

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Beautiful vistas for hiking, picnicking, mountain biking and sight-seeing. Location is roughly 18 miles north of our location.

On the west side of the road is the rifle range, skeet shooting, trap shooting and what I call "shotgun golf" - clay pigeons! Clay pigeon course is 12 stations, around 100 shots of you do them all... más información

Our home is just 5 minutes away from a large mountain range with dozens of hikes from beginner to advanced, all with rewarding and breathtaking views of the entire valley!

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Great historical destination and worth a drive to experience the town next to ours!

1300s-era Hohokam compound in the desert comprising a 4-story house, ballcourt & irrigation canals.

Tells the history of Casa Grande Arizona.


Fountain Park

Parques y naturalezaParques
12925 North Saguaro Boulevard·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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See Arizona's largest fountain! Typically goes off every hour from 10am - 5pm check website for up-to-date hours of operation. Fountain will not go off when windy. Grab coffee at one of the nearby ... más información

The second-highest fountain in the world erupts for the first ten minutes of each hour from the lake in the center of this nearby park. There is a children's playground, a disc golf course, several... más información

Relatively flat cement walk ways around the famous fountain, easy to walk. Restrooms, kiddy play areas, small botanical garden, art sculptures and cafes shops throughout the park. More difficult ... más información