Lugares favoritos de los habitantes locales

1. Atwater Market
138 Avenue Atwater
405recomendaciones locales
Ben: “The Atwater Market is one of two large public markets in Montreal. They have a wide selection of mea...” ·
2. Le Centre Eaton de Montréal
705 Rue Sainte-Catherine O
188recomendaciones locales
Josiane: “Rainy day? Spend hours at the Eaton center! It is located in the heart of the Montreal underground c...” ·
3. SAQ Express
940 Avenue du Mont-Royal E
128recomendaciones locales
Amy: “Liquor store. Wine and beer can be bought at any grocery/convenience store, but better wine and spir...” ·
4. Librairie Drawn & Quarterly
211 Rue Bernard O
79recomendaciones locales
Chantal: “Graphic novel library and publishers, they offer some of the most original graphic novels from montr...” ·
5. Supermarché PA Du Parc
5242 Av du Parc
89recomendaciones locales
Samantha: “Great cheap supermarket with an amazing cheese counter (map is wrong - actually on the West side of ...” ·
6. SAQ
1325 Avenue Laurier E
76recomendaciones locales
Richard: “The local SAQ, for all your fine wines and other alcohol! Only a block away. Open 11am-10pm everyd...” ·
7. Supermarché PA du Fort
1420 Rue du Fort
69recomendaciones locales
Vanessa: “Fresh vegetables, fish & meat for cheap. They also offer delivery for a very small fee (1,50$ for ov...” ·
8. Boulangerie Le Pain dans les Voiles
357 Rue de Castelnau E
54recomendaciones locales
Yan: “Ma boulangerie de quartier. Excellent pain, offre de sandwich et pâtisseries en tout genre European ...” ·
9. SAQ Express
865 Rue Sainte-Catherine E
55recomendaciones locales
Xavier & Moh
Xavier & Moh: “The sale of hard liquor is a government monopoly is Québec. SAQ outlets tend to close early but this...” ·
10. Holt Renfrew
1300 Rue Sherbrooke
22recomendaciones locales
Jo: “High-end department store. If you like designer clothes and accessories this where you want to go.” ·
11. Complexe Desjardins
150 Rue Sainte-Catherine O
46recomendaciones locales
Paige: “This is the nearest shopping centre. You have everything here including a large IGA supermarket, SAQ...” ·
12. Alexis Nihon
1500 Avenue Atwater
49recomendaciones locales
Shannon: “Shopping center with free parking for up to 2 hrs. Women's and men's fashion, pharmacy, grocery stor...” ·
13. Provigo
2925 Rue Rachel E
50recomendaciones locales
Christine & Vincent
Christine & Vincent: “Further than the other grocery stores (Maxi, IGA) but has a far better selection including organic p...” ·
14. SAQ Sélection
155 Avenue Atwater
40recomendaciones locales
Dawn: “Closest liquor store for spirits, mircobrews and a large wine selection.” ·
15. Quartier DIX30
9160 Boulevard Rome
41recomendaciones locales
Jodie: “Large outdoor shopping complex with everything from clothing, home decor and bookstores to restauran...” ·
16. SAQ Express
55 Avenue du Mont-Royal O
43recomendaciones locales
Sheenah: “This is the closest SAQ that has great hours (open til 10pm every day). SAQ's are the only place wh...” ·
17. Annex Vintage
56 Rue Saint Viateur O
22recomendaciones locales
Louis-Yves: “A large selection of 90’s vintage with an eye to current trends and beyond, as well as creations by ...”
18. B & Y Urban Market
3695 Boul St-Laurent
37recomendaciones locales
Jacqueline: “Big grocery store open 24 hours 7 days a week. Five minutes away. More expensive and not as good as ...” ·
19. SAQ Sélection
900 Rue Beaubien E
40recomendaciones locales
Alia: “SAQ (Société des alcools du Québec) is the place to go if you want to by wine or liquor.” ·
20. SAQ
4035 Rue Ontario E
43recomendaciones locales
Alexandre: “To buy good wine and liquor. Good biologic wine selection. Ask us for some good references.” ·
21. Eva B.
2015 Boul St-Laurent
42recomendaciones locales
Thomas: “This thrift shop/library/café/restaurant is impossible to describe, and also impossible not to like....” ·
22. SAQ
4008 Rue Saint-Denis
37recomendaciones locales
Younes: “This would be your closest SAQ, or alcohol outlet. In Quebec you can only purchase good wine and har...” ·
23. Boutique Unicorn
5135 Boul St-Laurent
21recomendaciones locales
Lyndsay: “Trendy Women's wear and jewelry. My go to for that new seasonal wardrobe piece.” ·
24. Poissonnerie Falero
5726A Av du Parc
27recomendaciones locales
Carly: “A great fish shop, super fresh. Good prices.” ·
25. CF Carrefour Laval
3003 Boulevard le Carrefour
24recomendaciones locales
Stephen: “Quebec's largest mall operating on one floor” ·
26. SAQ
7010, boul Saint-Laurent
29recomendaciones locales
Stéphane: “Your local wine store, right next door!” ·
27. Frank And Oak
160 Rue Saint Viateur E
21recomendaciones locales
Melissa & Emmanuel
Melissa & Emmanuel: “Menswear store (great prices) sharing their space with a barbershop and a coffee shop (cafe Nevé). T...” ·
28. SAQ
618 Rue Jarry E
30recomendaciones locales
29. SAQ Express
1176 Rue Sainte-Catherine O
28recomendaciones locales
Franklin: “In Quebec alcohol except for beer and wine must be purchased at a government office. This one is abo...” ·
30. SAQ
2685 Rue Masson
30recomendaciones locales
Madeleine: “Liquor store with great wine selection. There is also one on Beaubien at the corner of de Lorimier o...” ·