La mejor selección de Restaurantes en Montreal

Lugares favoritos de los habitantes locales

1. La Banquise
994 Rue Rachel E
490recomendaciones locales
Miki: “If you're going out in Montreal you have to end your night here ordering Quebec's classic nosh - pou...” ·
2. Aux Vivres Plateau
4631 Boul St-Laurent
203recomendaciones locales
Fred: “Aux Vivres is probably Montreal's most famous all-vegan restaurant, and they serve both delicious di...” ·
3. L'Avenue
922 Avenue du Mont-Royal E
166recomendaciones locales
Axel: “Place à brunch bien connu du plateau. Il faut y aller tôt (10h max) ou attendre en file. Déco atypiq...” ·
4. Restaurant Joe Beef
2491 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
174recomendaciones locales
Maya: “165 local Airbnb hosts recommend By far my all time favourite restaurant in Montreal. The food, dri...” ·
5. Vices & Versa
6631 Boul St-Laurent
155recomendaciones locales
Pamela Et Félix
Pamela Et Félix: “Vices & Versa is a warm friendly bistro with a focus on Quebec's regional products: craft beers on t...” ·
6. Buvette Chez Simone
4869 Av du Parc
134recomendaciones locales
Elliott: “Also a resto, of sorts - the charcuterie plates are rustic and tasty, the roasted chicken the most p...” ·
7. Au Pied de Cochon
536 Avenue Duluth E
158recomendaciones locales
Marie & Charles
Marie & Charles: “Heart Attack Grill meets Cheesecake Factory. Health is of no consideration, and would be your main ...” ·
8. Rotisserie Romados
115 Rue Rachel E
141recomendaciones locales
Katie: “Hands down best Portuguese rotisserie chicken in Montreal. Get the whole chicken to share with salad...” ·
9. Sparrow
5322 Boul St-Laurent
134recomendaciones locales
Leo & Emmanuel
Leo & Emmanuel: “In a city so enamored with eating breakfast late (or lunch early depending on you look at it), Sparr...” ·
10. Tri Express
1650 Avenue Laurier E
133recomendaciones locales
Richard: “Some of the best sushi in Montreal! Refined rolls, sashimi & chef’s specialties in a 24-seat space w...” ·
11. Poutineville
1365 Rue Ontario E
115recomendaciones locales
Louisa: “La Banquise gets a lot of press, but in my opinion Poutineville is the superior poutine restaurant i...” ·
12. Patati Patata Friterie de Luxe
4177 Boul St-Laurent
120recomendaciones locales
Leo & Emmanuel
Leo & Emmanuel: “It’s hard to miss this Plateau landmark with its bright, multi-coloured exterior, and it’s even hard...” ·
13. Le Vieux Velo
59 Rue Beaubien E
112recomendaciones locales
Ida (Karen)
Ida (Karen): “Lucky to have Vieux Velo down the road. It is nothing fancy but great for brunch and lunches. Try ou...” ·
14. L'Express
3927 Rue Saint-Denis
100recomendaciones locales
Leo & Emmanuel
Leo & Emmanuel: “Iconic Parisian-style bistro serving refined standards in a chic room with checkered floors & a bar....” ·
15. Arts Café
201 Avenue Fairmount O
85recomendaciones locales
Camille: “Nice coffee (Parallel 49) and brunch/lunch. Mile-end, hipster crowd (saw Win Buttler one day there),...” ·
16. Grinder Viandes & Vins
1708 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
83recomendaciones locales
Ben: “Grinder is a great restaurant in Griffintown, with an amazing patio open in the summer. The food, dr...” ·
17. Pizzeria Napoletana
189 Rue Dante
81recomendaciones locales
Ida (Karen)
Ida (Karen): “Little Italy has the best pizzas in Montreal. This one is one of my top recommendations for Montreal...” ·
18. Tapeo
511 Rue Villeray
79recomendaciones locales
Yan: “Cuisine d'aspiration espagnole mettant les tapas en avant scène. Belle carte de vin mais cher Great ...” ·
19. Le Quartier Général
1251 Rue Gilford
79recomendaciones locales
Missy: “Gourmet French dining, lunch and dinner. Reserve well in advance!! Bring your own wine. Full course ...” ·
20. Kazu
1862 Rue Sainte-Catherine O
108recomendaciones locales
Howey: “By far the greatest experience in terms of Japanese traditional cuisine. You should try the salmon ...” ·
21. L'Gros Luxe Plateau
451 Avenue Duluth E
76recomendaciones locales
Charles: “Laid back prohibition era vibe. Cozy neighborhood hot-spot. Great Caesars and awesome menu - this lo...” ·
22. Satay Brothers
3721 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
75recomendaciones locales
Ben: “One of my favourite local spots, and easily the best South East Asian restaurant in Montreal. They h...” ·
23. Dinette Triple Crown
6704 Rue Clark
73recomendaciones locales
Soraya: “This place could save your hangover! It's also a really nice place to eat super greasy and delicious...” ·
24. Ma Poule Mouillée
969 Rachel St E
74recomendaciones locales
Lyn: “If visiting from outside of Montreal, most people will google where to get the best poutine, and the...” ·
25. La Panthère Verte
160 Rue Saint Viateur E
68recomendaciones locales
Shane: “Organic, Vegan Sandwiches, Smoothies, Coffee, & Beer. Somewhat Expensive. Recommended: Traditional ...” ·
26. L’Entrepôt Mont-Royal
1019 Avenue du Mont-Royal E
66recomendaciones locales
Noémie: “Buzzing gathering place with a wide selection of sharing plates all under $5, beer & cocktails. - Op...” ·
27. Omma Restaurant
177 Rue Bernard O
60recomendaciones locales
Thomas: “OMMA is one of my favourites. It's a Korean restaurant set in a subtle white brick interior. Pretty ...” ·
28. Leméac
1045 Avenue Laurier O
65recomendaciones locales
Fred: “One of the best of Montreal's stunning array of culinary wonders. Lemeac is quite expensive but afte...” ·
29. Restaurant Chez Claudette
351 Avenue Laurier E
62recomendaciones locales
Daryl: “Comfort food like burgers, poutine & beer served in a casual space open 24 hours Thursday-Saturday.” ·
30. Boulangerie de Froment et de Sève
2355 Rue Beaubien E
62recomendaciones locales
Marie-Eve: “Great bakery near Cinema Beaubien and Parc Molson. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or snack time! From ...” ·