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Cosas que hacer en Montreal

Ante ti se encuentra la llave que te abrirá las puertas a la ciudad: una guía con los mejores lugares de la zona, creada por anfitriones locales de Airbnb

Lo mejor de lo mejor


Marché Jean-Talon

GastronomíaTodo lo demás en Gastronomía
7070 Avenue Henri Julien·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 712 anfitriones de la zona

An amazing local farmer's market open year-round, but is at its peak in the summer months. Fresh local produce (and some imported...we can't grow bananas and avocados in Canada) as well as beloved ... más información

In the heart of Little Italy, you won’t just find fruits and vegetables, but also flowers, spices, oils, cheese, meat, fish and artisanal bakery goods, in addition to a wide selection of regional p... más información

Located in the heart of Little Italy, the Jean-Talon Market is one of the oldest public markets in Montréal. When it originally opened in May of 1933, it was named “Marché du Nord” (north-end marke... más información


Mount Royal Park

Parques y naturalezaParques
1260, ch Remembrance·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 615 anfitriones de la zona

That park is at the center of our city. You'll love it for the view and the hikes you'll be able to take. During winter time you usually can skate on the beaver lake. You'll have great view of the ... más información

The jewel of Montreal’s city parks is, without question, Mount Royal. This 200-hectare park occupies part of the mountain that lies in the midst of Montreal island, and includes the highest spot in... más información

Walk in the trails, nice view of Montreal from the top. Sunday's the day for tam-tams. Designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (the same landscape architect who crafted New York’s Central Park), the “m... más información


La Banquise

$·994 Rue Rachel Est·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 411 anfitriones de la zona

Located off a busy bike path, this 24 hour hipster joint is famous for its poutine. Let's face it, who can resist soggy fries and chewy cheese curd? Suggestion: ask for extra sauce and WAIT coupl... más información

Québec is known for poutine—french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy—and La Banquise has been the place for an authentic experience since 1968. This is where everyone goes for poutine, both ... más información

If you're going out in Montreal you have to end your night here ordering Quebec's classic nosh - poutine. La Banquise specializes in the dish, and serves over thirty different kinds of poutine, pl... más información


Parc La Fontaine

Parques y naturalezaParques
3933 Avenue du Parc la Fontaine·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 605 anfitriones de la zona

Come unwind around the pond, this park is your neighbour! Lafontaine Park is Plateau Mont-Royal’s biggest park. A 40-hectare gem of traditional park landscaping, it includes two linked ponds with a... más información

Lafontaine Park is Plateau Mont-Royal’s biggest park. A 40-hectare gem of traditional park landscaping, it includes two linked ponds with a fountain and waterfalls, soccer and baseball fields, beac... más información

You could say that Parc Lafontaine is a microcosm of Montréal: the eastern half is French, with paths, gardens, and lawns laid out in geometric shapes; the western half is English, with meandering ... más información


Jardin botanique de Montréal

Ocio y espectáculosTodo lo demás en Entretenimiento
4101 Rue Sherbrooke Est·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 355 anfitriones de la zona

Great for a hike, the Botanical Gardens features a pavillion gift shop, various events throughout the year (October's Chinese Lanterns are wonderful), and really nice Japanese and Chinese gardens. ... más información

The Montréal Botanical Garden, one of the city’s jewels, is recognized as one of the world’s greatest botanical gardens. It offers a colourful program of events, exhibitions and activities all year... más información

The Montréal Botanical Garden, one of the city’s jewels, is recognized as one of the world’s greatest botanical gardens. It offers a colourful program of events, exhibitions and activities all year... más información


Atwater Market

ComprasTodo lo demás en Compras
138 Avenue Atwater·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 369 anfitriones de la zona

The Atwater Market is one of two large public markets in Montreal. They have a wide selection of meat, cheese, and produce vendors, and everything offered there is much better than anything you wou... más información

Located in the southwest of Montréal near the Lachine Canal, the Atwater Market and bordering street are named after the 19th century businessman and municipal politician, Edwin Atwater. It was est... más información

Open year-round, Atwater Market is known for its many butchers and delicatessens, as well as its horticultural vendors and farmers whose kiosks are brimming with fresh produce and border the perime... más información


Schwartz's Deli

GastronomíaTodo lo demás en Gastronomía
$·3895 Boulevard Saint-Laurent·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 299 anfitriones de la zona

This is the "Katz of NYC". Smoked meat essentially is thick slices of pastrami. Served on rye with homemade pickles and mustard. My suggestion: wait in take out line and get brisket (sliced), ry... más información

Schwartz's is a world famous deli, one of the oldest in Canada, offering huge sandwiches, smoked meats & more. The sandwiches are not for everyone, but the constant long line proves they are a tast... más información

A Montreal landmark - opened since the 30's - currently owned by Celine Dion's management group. Long line ups at times but so worth the wait. Montreal smoke meat at it's best !


St-Viateur Bagel

263 Rue Saint Viateur Ouest·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 261 anfitriones de la zona

From Poland to Montreal! When he arrived in Canada in 1953, St-Viateur Bagel Shop founder Myer Lewkowicz didn’t know the first thing about baking anything, let alone bagels. He had grown up in a l... más información

It's 4am. You can't fall back asleep. You want to surprise your family with their favorite "Lox & Bagel". You got the fish, cream cheese, capers and onions. Just missing the fresh bagels! Luck... más información

This place is a historical icon founded in Montreal Bagel shop. There are poppy bagels or sesame with the choice of different toppings The best part is the bagels come right out of the fire oven. H... más información


Fairmount Bagel

$·74 Avenue Fairmount Ouest·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 229 anfitriones de la zona

In 1919, Isadore Shlafman arrived in Canada and opened the first bagel bakery in Montreal. It was called the Montreal Bagel Bakery. It was located at the back of a lane, just off of Saint-Lawrence... más información

Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Fairmount bagels are THE best bagels in town. St. Viateur bagels' got nothing on them. Pick up some freshly baked sesame bagels, or get a delicious smoked ... más información

"The Original Fairmount Bagel Bakery". Today, the family continues to make their bagel using the same traditions and methods that Grandfather Isadore brought to us from the old country. All the bag... más información


Café Olimpico

GastronomíaCafés y cafeterías
$·124 Rue St-Viateur Ouest·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 206 anfitriones de la zona

Nice strong Italian coffee that has lovely terrasse for the summer .. Try cafe latte and enjoy hipster culture there... In summer time they are so many good looking people there!!! Oh mine!

Mile End's italian coffee of choice! Quintessential meet up spot for locals. Nice terrassae and HD flatscreens playing sports.

Best coffee. Period. Iced coffees are very nice, their cakes too. They show sports too, and you can sit outside in the patio. Free Wifi. Perfect stopover in the Mile End.


Place des Arts

Arte y culturaTodo lo demás en Arte y cultura
260 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 243 anfitriones de la zona

Place des Arts is a major performing arts centre in Montreal, Quebec, and the largest cultural and artistic complex in Canada in terms of many festivals such as International Jazz Festival. Google ... más información

In the heart of Montreal's festival area - and across from shopping mall Complexe Desjardins. Also best place to get tickets for shows all around town. Definitely a must-see area especially during ... más información

Arts Plaza in downtown area. Hosts many outdoor events and festivals throughout the summer such as The International Jazz Festival & Just for Laughs


The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Arte y culturaMuseos
1380 Sherbrooke Ouest·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 292 anfitriones de la zona

One of the more prominent museums in Canada, special events and exhibitions are constantly on changing display. Avoid long lines by early admission, and enjoy FREE entry on MUSEUM DAY on May 29th,... más información

Spacious museum showcasing Québec & Canadian visual works, plus international contemporary art - FREE entrance to the permanent collection and temporary exhibition with a fee ($ less on wednesdays)

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is an art museum in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is Montreal’s largest museum and is amongst the most prominent in Canada. The museum is located on the historic Gol... más información


Dieu du Ciel!

Copas y vida nocturnaBares
29 Avenue Laurier Ouest·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 207 anfitriones de la zona

Very popular pub - Terrasse on the street - Produce their own beer. MO-FR: 3pm-3am SA-SU: 1pm-3am ------ Microbrasserie très populaire - Terrasse sur la rue. LU-VE: 15.00-3.00 SA-DI: 13.00-3.00

Dieu de Ciel is a pub & brewery. Their beers/brews are rated #1 in Canada. One has artemisia in it, and one of their brews has absinthe. Good food & good brews! It's about 2.25 hrs from here.

More than 12 brews on tap - rotate based on what's in season. This microbrewery makes some of the best IPA in all of Canada - you can even see what the upcoming new brews are. Gets very busy on th... más información


Aux Vivres

$·4631 boul. St-Laurent·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 184 anfitriones de la zona

Aux Vivres finds the perfect way to surprise carnivores and please vegans with their flavorful dishes, leaving you full and satisfied. Try their tatsy Aux Vivres burger or the Thai bowl with tempeh !

Vegan Restaurant. Somewhat expensive for what it is. Bowls + Sandwiches + several Takeout options. Great Brunch on weekends. I recommend the sandwiches, potato wedges and cornbread in particular.

Tim Horton's, Vegan Restaurants, Sushi, Take Out, Chicken, Indian, Portuguese, Latino, Mexican, Bagels, Smoke Meat, Asian, French, Tapas, Middle-Eastern, Breakfast & Brunch, Juice Bars, etc.


Pub Burgundy Lion

Copas y vida nocturnaBares
2496 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 165 anfitriones de la zona

I go there for brunch : the bloodpudding is genuinely good. Cosy decor with a lot of wood ; unpretentious but well kept place. Great selection of scotch.

Super fun and trendy English pub. They have trivia night once a week and offer up a great Pimm's Cup and fish and chips!

Cool little pub, not pretentious yet always busy. A favourite amongst locals. Also has a terrace if you prefer to be outside. Steps away from Le Bureau, Grinder, and Drinkerie.


Restaurant L'Avenue

$·922 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 147 anfitriones de la zona

Classic French bistro. Pricey but delicious. The ambiance is calmer than than L'Express. Great oysters! Check out the cocktail bar in the same location.

Brunch! Weekend line-ups are long. Get there by 9:30 AM to avoid the hour + wait. Or go during the week for lunch. Make sure to visit their bathroom!!!

L'Avenue is one of my favourite brunch places in Montreal. Their eggs Benedict and pancakes are among the best in the city. They get extremely busy on the weekends, so be prepared to wait at least ... más información


Joe Beef

$$$·2491 Notre Dame West·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 155 anfitriones de la zona

Must go if you like steak! Named one of the best restaurants in the world and is featured on Anthony Bourdain's show Layover and frequented most recently by the Rolling Stones.

Joe Beef is one of the highly-regarded restaurants in Montreal, owned by David McMillan, Frederic Morin, and Allison Cunningham and featured by Anthony Bourdain. Reservation are a must. It is a bus... más información

By far my all time favourite restaurant in Montreal. The food, drinks and service are exceptional, and the experience is worth every penny. I usually order the steak for two, which comes with two s... más información


Au Pied de Cochon

$$$·536 Avenue Duluth Est·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 141 anfitriones de la zona

If you're a bacon fanatic, and everything pork, this is the place for you - chef Martin Picard has build up quite a reputation - 15 minute walk - piéce de résistance - poutine au foie gras.

Heart Attack Grill meets Cheesecake Factory. Health is of no consideration, and would be your main sacrifice in dining here. A nightmare for most Muslims, The "Pig's Feet" title says it all. Foi... más información

" If you are a bacon fanatic pork​, great foie gras. One of the most talented Chefs in Quebec Martin Picard - Try poutine au foie gras. 10 Min walk"


Vices & Versa

6631 Boulevard Saint-Laurent·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 145 anfitriones de la zona

Vices & Versa is a warm friendly bistro with a focus on Quebec's regional products: craft beers on tap and in casks, locally sourced food and concerts. This brewpub is a showcase for local producers.

This bar has 36 craft beers on tap - and are switched up every so often. Large backyard for drinking delicious beers outside on warm evenings.

Wood-trimmed, relaxed environment with a daily menu of regional beers on tap & casual eats. Hours: Mon to Wed 15:00 to 3:00; Thurs to Sun 11:30 - 3:00.


Sushi Tri Express Inc

$$·1650 Laurier est Montréal·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 123 anfitriones de la zona

Best Sushi in the Area if not Montreal - few tables - has take-out - no cc, cash only

Sushis spéciaux, parfait pour emporter (7 minutes du condo) / Special Sushis, perfect to go (7 minutes walking from the condo)

Best sushis and japanese dishes in town. The place is tiny so if you go during the week-end, arrive early or try calling to get a reservation. They also do take-out.


Parc Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier

Parques y naturalezaParques

Recomendado por 256 anfitriones de la zona

Un beau parc pour un pic-nique. Piscine ouverte au public. Gratuit lun au ven, 5$ les fin de semaines. Great picnic park w/ a public pool that is open to the public. Free from Mon-Fri, $5 on weekends.

Best public outdoor pool. Free on weekdays - swim suits mandatory. Classic park for BYOB picnics as long as you're eating - all booze must be accompanied with food to be legally consumed here.

My favourite nearby park. Great in summer to just sit and picnic, sunbathe, or go for a swim in the pool. (Make sure you bring some food if you drink alcohol to not get in trouble with the police.)


La Buvette Chez Simone

4869 Avenue du Parc·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 117 anfitriones de la zona

Always very busy, la Buvette fastly became one of the most popular bar of the town. Excellent wine selection and a lot of people who yearn to be Xavier Dolan.

Best wine bar in Montreal! Small wine bar with decent tapas, very good service, cool crowd. Local DJs spinning tunes but it is not so loud that you can't have conversation. Mostly locals.

Also a resto, of sorts - the charcuterie plates are rustic and tasty, the roasted chicken the most popular item on the menu. This is more of a 30+ crowd, and a lot of Franco Quebec film-types (acto... más información


Rotisserie Romados

115 Rue Rachel Est·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 125 anfitriones de la zona

If you eat chicken, this is a must! Delicious chicken, fries and salad, served in a styrofoam container to take with you (park across the street) or you can eat in. Always a good idea to call ahead.

A ne pas manquer: Boulangerie, Pâtisserie, Rôtisserie. Ils sont très connus pour leur poulet grillée sur charbon de bois, et leur pasteis de nata. Tout est très bon, et a de bons prix. Si vous ne v... más información

Hands down best Portuguese rotisserie chicken in Montreal. Get the whole chicken to share with salad and fries — make sandwiches with the leftovers the next day!

Recomendado por 320 anfitriones de la zona

The historical Old Port offers Montrealers and visitors alike access to a wide variety of activities, including the Montréal Science Centre, with an IMAX Theatre, and the Montreal Clock Tower. It o... más información

Walk along the water and enjoy all sorts of different activities such as kayaking, rafting, biking, zip lining etc. Great restaurants and art exhibits all along the Old Port, Imax theatre on the wa... más información

Old Port is adjoined to Old Montreal & Chinatown-- 1 stop to see the best of Montreal's tourist stops. Get on the City bus Tour bus to see what else there is to see in Montreal. Great place to c... más información


Big in Japan

Copas y vida nocturnaBares
3723 Boulevard St-Laurent·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 122 anfitriones de la zona

This izakaya, or japanese brasserie, is quite the hot spot on the Main for alternative late night eats. You won’t find any sushi here, but rather lots of classic Japanese dishes and recipes like ta... más información

Keep your eyes peeled for the red door: there's no sign above this inconspicuous speakeasy. Once you're past the faux suede curtains, the contemporary design and intricate seating plan will win you... más información

The Big in Japan restaurant is located on St. Laurent at the corner of Pine. The bar of the same name screams elegance and class with its low music, respectfully quiet clients and eclectic ambiance... más información


Byblos Le Petit Café

GastronomíaCafés y cafeterías
1499 Avenue Laurier Est·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 110 anfitriones de la zona

Great place for tea, lunch or brunch -- Iranian cuisine

Artsy Persian coffeehouse for fragrant stews, dips served with pita & breakfast, plus Iranian tea/ Café Persique artsy pour les ragoûts parfumées, trempettes avec pita &le petit déjeuner, thé iranien.

We love brunch at this persian restaurant and also it's owner, the fantastic and always young Emela. Try the #4 feta omelette, it's to die for!


Eaton Centre

ComprasCentros comerciales
705 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 151 anfitriones de la zona

The Montreal Eaton Centre is a shopping mall located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is located in the heart of the Montreal underground city, and is connected to the Montreal Metro via McGill station

Rainy day? Spend hours at the Eaton center! It is located in the heart of the Montreal underground city, and is connected to the Montreal Metro via McGill station, enormous food court, stores, stor... más información

Centre Eaton is a shopping mall located in Montreals underground city. Fascinating how the Underground City now stretches for 32 kilometers (20 miles) and covers 4 million square meters. Great for ... más información


The Sparrow

5322 Boulevard Saint-Laurent·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 120 anfitriones de la zona

One of my favourite gastro pubs in the neighbourhood; amazing cocktails and food (serves til 11pm), friendly people always frequent, and more of a conversational small bar. Brunch on the weekends!

The dainty cocktail bar is a huge hit with Mile End hipsters. Nab a place on the couch or tuck yourself along the bar, and then order a basil gimlet. They also serve a mighty fine hangover brunch.

In a city so enamored with eating breakfast late (or lunch early depending on you look at it), Sparrow is another popular establishment well-known for its brilliant brunches. Designed to look like ... más información


McGill University

Arte y culturaCentros educativos o universidades
845 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest·Mapa·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 131 anfitriones de la zona

Le prestigieux université McGill, situé au cœur du centre-ville. Le beau campus mérite un petit tour. The prestigious McGill University located at the heart of downtown. Take a walk through the campus

McGill University campus is voted as one of the most beautiful in the world. During the summer and fall, it is brilliant for a nice stroll. Visit one of the world's leading universities.

Montreal's largest English University is the number 1 Medical School in Canada. McGill own's one fifth of the entire downtown of Montreal and backs onto Mount Royal. This 200 year old University ... más información


Boulangerie Les Co'Pains d'Abord

1965, av du Mont-Royal E·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 109 anfitriones de la zona

The map won't let me input the closest Co'pains, which is on Rachel just east of St. Denis. Some of the best pastry in Montreal. Great sandwiches and Armenian pizzas after 10:30 am.

Boulangerie bretonne. Très connue et très bonne. Tout est bon la dedans! / Best bakery in town. Maybe because it's from my home french region: Brittany. Try their ... everything and especially brit... más información

Best croissants and pastries in town. MY personal favorites are the Natural Croissants, Abricotines, Cheese Croissants.... You cant find better.