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Cosas que hacer en Florencia

Ante ti se encuentra la llave que te abrirá las puertas a la ciudad: una guía con los mejores lugares de la zona, creada por anfitriones locales de Airbnb

Lo mejor de lo mejor


Piazza del Mercato Centrale

GastronomíaTodo lo demás en Gastronomía
Piazza del Mercato Centrale·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 157 anfitriones de la zona

Open every day to experience the taste of the time, and fun, the Mercato Centrale Florence is a great covered square where authenticity, spontaneity and tradition are the protagonists. Each shop is... más información

A market on the ground floor where you can buy fruit, meat, fish and a recently renovated upper floor where you can eat everything you could ever imagine from italian food tradition. The outside ma... más información

A nice place where you can buy fruits, vegetable, meat and other. All you can need. On the first floor you can have lunch , dinner or simply take a break. All Italian high quality food: you can cho... más información

Recomendado por 157 anfitriones de la zona

From Piazza S. Lorenzo to Via dell'Ariento, all around the Basilica of San Lorenzo (in the very historical center of the city) you can find what may be the most important market of the city. Just w... más información

Piazza del Mercato Centrale The covered market of San Lorenzo is one of the most sights to see in Florence. It is located in the "leather district" where are lot's of leather good stands and many t... más información

From Piazza S. Lorenzo to Via dell'Ariento, all around the Basilica of San Lorenzo (in the very historical center of the city) you can find what may be the most important market of the city. Just w... más información


Giardino di Boboli

Parques y naturalezaParques
1 Piazza de' Pitti·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 224 anfitriones de la zona

The Boboli Gardens is a museum open air when you can walk among the beauty of statues, fountains and buildings where the history of Florence and Tuscany came to life and where lurk curios news abou... más información

Piazza de' Pitti Formerly the park of the royal palace, it is a unique garden. See the size of it in the map, and spend some hours in its beauty. A vast green lush Italian Renaissance garden delig... más información

Behind the Pitti Palace, the astonishing Boboli Garden stretches over the hill creating a real open-air museum. Commissioned by the Medici family, it became the prototype of the Italian-style gard... más información


All'Antico Vinaio

74 Via dei Neri·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 80 anfitriones de la zona

This is one of the best sandwich shops of Italy and the second most reviewed restaurant of the world on TripAdvisor.You will find delicious sandwiches that you can fill with their fresh ingredients.

Located on via de’ Neri, just behind Palazzo Vecchio, the shop is quite small and often full but the panini are rich and tasty. The cold cuts are exceptional, and you just have to enjoy a glass of ... más información

Guess what, it’s the number one on tripadvisor...but just a tip...since it’s pretty much always packed, try the one in front, it’s basically his father, and they do took the ingredients from there,... más información


Via Di Santo Spirito Srl

$$· 64-red Via di Santo Spirito·Mapa·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 76 anfitriones de la zona

Just great! Perfect balance between the extraordinary food / drink and value. There are dish such as spelt pappardella pasta with wild boar and bilberries, and duck leg with chicory and foie gras.

This restaurant offers home-style cooking, such as spelt pappardella pasta with wild boar and bilberries, duck leg with chicory and foie gras and other specialities.

Warm and peaceful setting: creative food but with Tuscan roots. Large choice of wines. To try. *** Caldo e tranquillo: cibo creativo ma con radici toscane. Ampia la scelta dei vini. Da provare


La Carraia Di Innocenti E.- Mannucci M. E C. Snc

GastronomíaTodo lo demás en Gastronomía
25-red Piazza Nazario Sauro·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 70 anfitriones de la zona

Eat an ice cream just got sitting on the deck, and watching the panoramic view!

The best ice cream in Florence at only 100 m with stunning views of the Ponte Vecchio and the banks of the Arno, the river that runs through Florence...Delicious!!. My favorite? ''After 8''

A very good ice cream with really convenient price: many people knows it so this place is never empty.


Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

16 Via della Scala·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 68 anfitriones de la zona

Elegant perfume and beauty products top the gift wish list for many, at any time of the year. The Officina hosts frescoes, furnishings and ancient implements of the pharmacist’s trade. It was estab... más información

Ancient preparations in a relaxing and timeless atmosphere. The "Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella" is located in a part of the convent of Santa Maria Novella. Today is considere... más información

The workshop fragrance-pharmaceutical Santa Maria Novella, or Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella, or Old Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella, is located in Via della Scala 16 in Florence, in a part of the... más información



GastronomíaCafés y cafeterías
5 Via di Santo Spirito·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 65 anfitriones de la zona

5 Via di Santo Spirito This bar is open from the first hours in the morning to the late night and offers different meal in every moment of the day. It is very nice if you wish to get a coffee in a ... más información

Great bar that used to be an old wood working shop. There are wood carvings all over and there is even an old wood working bench turned dining table. Great spot for a coffee or crepe during the d... más información

Stylish cafè in the lively atmosphere of Piazza S. Spirito, here you will meet a lot of people from all over the world, of any age. Perfect for a coffee outside in the afternoon or for a drink at n... más información



$$$$· 10 Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 66 anfitriones de la zona

Ottimo ristorante molto tipico e accogliente. La migliore bistecca alla Fiorentina! 7Very good restaurant. The best Florentine beefsteak! Not very cheap but it worth once in a while

Just outside the historical Florence city center, close to Piazza della Libertà and Piazza Savonarola, the Perseus Restaurant is attended and much appreciated by both Florentines by Italian and for... más información

If you wanna try the famous Florentine style beefsteak this is the place to go. Known locally as “fiorentina”, this T-bone steak usually comes from the Chianina breed, and it's cooked rare. In this... más información


Le Murate Caffè Letterario Firenze

Copas y vida nocturnaBares
Piazza delle Murate·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 64 anfitriones de la zona

This is a nice place for a light meal or just a cup of coffee. It's an old prison, which now is converted into a cultural place. Very nice also in the evening and often you will find music as well.

Meeting place for inhabitants from 20 to 50 years age: drinks, cultural events and concerts. Large outdoor space for summer *** Luogo d'incontro per gli abitanti dai 20 ai 50 anni con spazio aperto

This converted prison is now a cultural and recreational hub. At night you will find crowds of people in the inner piazza enjoying an aperitivo or live music, during the day many students come here... más información


La Casalinga

9-red Via de' Michelozzi·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 59 anfitriones de la zona

Used to be one of the cheapest restaurants in town. Casalinga means home-made food. Now it's becoming less cheap and bigger, but still guarantees good tuscan food. Close to the beautiful S.Spirito!

Family run and locally loved, this busy unpretentious place is one of Florence's cheapest trattorias. Don't be surprised if Paolo, the patriarch figure who conducts the mad-busy.

3 palces in 1,one close to the other!You can choose between the "trattoria",with typical tuscany food,cheap,the restaurant with typical and international food, little more expensive, and the pizzeria.



18/r Via dei Vagellai·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 53 anfitriones de la zona

Very interesting literary Caffè. A lot of events, books, music and a lovely atmosphere. Caffè letterario molto interessante. Molti eventi, libri, musica e bell'atmosfera. Si mangia anche bene.

Vegan food and good wine in a very relaxing and comfortable hospitality Brac stands for 'brunch art café', in fact this restaurant is not just a restaurant but is also a bookshop specializing in m... más información

Really really good vegetarian restaurant in the center of Florence! Ask for the Piatto Unico which means you can choose one salad, one pasta or rice and one pastry special all in one plate! Definit... más información


Complesso delle Murate

Arte y culturaBibliotecas
Via Sant'Egidio·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 74 anfitriones de la zona

Do not miss a cup of coffee in this beautiful terrace of the library with a beautiful view of the Duomo / Non perdetevi un caffè in questa bellissima terrazza con vista sul Duomo

Non perdetevi un caffè in questa bellissima terrazza con vista sul Duomo / Do not miss a cup of coffee in this beautiful terrace of the library with a beautiful view of the Duomo

Oblate Library is a hidden gem near the duomo with great views of the cathedral and bell tower. Inexpensive bar on the terrace overlooking the duomo.


Il Pizzaiuolo

113 Via de' Macci·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 51 anfitriones de la zona

If you like the Napoletan Pizza this is your place. Napoletana means thicker and soft.

A typical italian Ristorante/Pizzeria where you could get a wondeful pizza or many southern italian plates at a reasonable price! Right 3 steps from the apt!

In the Sant'Ambrogio neighbourhood this tidy cozy and loud pizzeria alway reach its best. To let you understand when Jay-Z and Beyonce came to Florence they went into this place...now I'm not sure ... más información


Gustapizza - Pizzeria

46 Via Maggio·Mapa·Horas·

Recomendado por 48 anfitriones de la zona

A local favorite near Piazza Santo Spirito, this is one of the best pizzeria’s in town and for a cheap price, think €5-€8 euros per pizza it’s a great choice on any given night

Want a quick 5-7 euro dinner or lunch? Walk up & walk away with a fresh, delicious pizza to eat back home or on the steps of the next-door Santo Spirito church with piazza views and relax a while.

Just close to Santo Spirito square, these fest-pizzeria, take away kind of style, is always been a good spot to have a quick pizza and eat it maybe on the stair of the church with some mates. Taste... más información

Recomendado por 78 anfitriones de la zona

Fiesole is the best way to get out of the city and see Florence at the same time, it is old, quaint, natural, and has all the qualities of a picturesque tuscan town. The bus ride is a short 20 minu... más información

Fiesole (Etruscan Viesul) was probably founded in the 9th-8th century BC, as it was an important member of the Etruscan confederacy, as may be seen from the remains of its ancient walls. The first ... más información

Fiesole is a town located on the Hill immediately behind Florence. Only 2 kilometers away from the capital city and boasts an incomparable panorama over the city Flory. The great attraction of the ... más información


Ristorante Il Latini

$$· 6/r Via dei Palchetti·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 45 anfitriones de la zona

The real Tuscan osteria, a place in the heart of Florence where you can taste all the flavors of this magical land. Open at lunch and dinner time, it is better to reserve a table.

Best "fiorentina" in town! It is always pretty full...you might need to give them a call before if you want to be sure to get a spot.

One of the best places in town for eating the "bistecca alla fiorentina", among with others local delicacies. Reserve in advance as they happen to be often fully booked.



31 Via Maffia·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 42 anfitriones de la zona

I love this place! It is like stepping in a parallel world! They have created a very picturesque interior and they serve great pizza! Definitely my favorite pizza in Florence! Enjoy! :)

In my top-2 pizzas in Florence, get the Buffala mozzerella pizza, made right there fresh in a wood-burning oven & topped with a sprig of green basil. Drizzle with olive oil, eat with fork & knife.

The best Pizzeria in Florence, original from Naple (in the South of Italy, home of the original italian pizza, just withMozzarella, Tomato and Basilic); 25-35€



$· 47 Piazza mercato centrale·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 42 anfitriones de la zona

No advance reservations, no credit card for this typical trattoria.Friday is fish and Saturday sees local Florentines flock here for a brilliantly blue bistecca alla fiorentina (€35 per kilo).Peposo

Best in Florence for traditional Italian food. Only open lunches, closed Sundays. No reservations and long wait so best to get there by 12pm. Low prices and family style seating

Open only at lunch, inexpensive, the true trattoria, maybe the last true one left in the world. Good food, authentic staff.


Accademia di Belle Arti

Arte y culturaCentros educativos o universidades
66 Via Ricasoli·Mapa·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 47 anfitriones de la zona

At the Accademia Gallery there’s only one star and that’s David. Of course, there are plenty of others things worth seeing, but the main reason everyone comes to the Gallery is to see Michelangelo... más información

The Accademia e Compagnia delle Arti del Disegno, or "academy and company of the arts of drawing", was founded in 1563 by Cosimo I de' Medici under the influence of Giorgio Vasari.

Per vedere il David di Michelangelo ....l'originale **To see Michelangelo's David .... the original.


Via de' Tornabuoni

Lugares emblemáticosTodo lo demás en Lugares emblemáticos
Via de' Tornabuoni·Mapa·

Recomendado por 85 anfitriones de la zona

The most famous and expensive St. here, with the great Italian signatures and at Internationals as Gucci, Ferragamo, Armani, E. Zegna, Fendi, Bulgari, Omega, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Emili Pucci,Dior

Is a street in the center characterized by the presence of hight fashion boutiques belonging to designer brands such as Gucci, Ferragamo, Celine, Burberry, Bulgari, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.

The exclusive via Tornabuoni in Florence's historic centre, is home to renowned activities and luxury shopping. The big global brands make it the perfect place for shopping.


Stadio Comunale di Firenze

Ocio y espectáculosTodo lo demás en Entretenimiento
4a Viale Manfredo Fanti·Mapa·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 52 anfitriones de la zona

If Local team Fiorentina is playing you can grab a ticket watch it here

This is the place where plays Fiorentina our football team.

The arena of the Fiorentina football club. The team of Antognoni, Baggio, Batistuta, Chiesa and Bernardeschi and Kalinic


Teatro del Sale

111 Via de' Macci·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 40 anfitriones de la zona

Restaurant? Theatre? Gourmet paradise? Menu shoutet out from kitchen, do it yourself service, no knife, amazing ambient. And a food hero as captain. Don't lose it for nothing. Reservation needed...

This a spectacular place, a combination of art and good food. Have a look the website and book it in advance, dinner at 7pm, theatre at 9.30 pm Great experience

A unique experience created by famous Florentine Chef - Fabio Picchi. Enjoy brunch, lunch or dinner in the gorgeous setting of an old theatre. In the evening you can also see a show !


Il Rifrullo

Copas y vida nocturnaBares
55r Via di San Niccolò·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 39 anfitriones de la zona

Wonderful bar in the heart of San Niccolo district The perfect stop for a cappuccino and pastry for breakfast. Great place for aperitif. Lunch served daily. Brunch on Sundays

In the heart of the bohemian neighborhood of San Niccolo, a local historian Florence. Open until 1am. A vibrant and rich aperitif. To try.

The first american bar in Florence. Appetizer or brunch between red-and-white striped walls and leather benches in an American bar with garden.


Trattoria Quattro Leoni

1-red Via de' Vellutini·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 39 anfitriones de la zona

Just behind our building, you find Piazza della Passera, with one of the best trattorias in town, 4 Leoni, and many great local cafes, wine bars, and even a fantastic vegetarian restaurant 5'5.

In Piazza della Passera, a corner of the old Florence, just off the main tourist tracks that lead from the Ponte Vecchio to the Pitti Palace, an area full of craftsmen workshops and most loved by a... más información

Located in a lively little square behind Palazzo Pitti, it's an historical florentine restaurant. You can seat indoor or outdoor. Wooden beams, stone walls, red brik arches...Florence.


La Ménagére

8 Via de'Ginori·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 37 anfitriones de la zona

This is a nice place for an aperitif, you can get a meal as well. Good food, wine suggestion and service. Many-places-in-one: restaurant, flower shop, kitchen suply and bar. Not cheap, very stylish.

This quirky concept bar/restaurant serves up fine food and cocktails. The bar area is seperate from the restaurant making it easier to claim a spot, a slice of cake and a coffee to work for a few h... más información

A fancy place for a coffee/ drink/ afternoon tea. They have very picturesque interior, nice drinks and cakes. But I personally do not prefer to have dinner/lunch there, as the food is a bit pricey.... más información

Recomendado por 278 anfitriones de la zona

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is a must if you’re an art appreciator. The grand duke of Tuscany, Cosimo de Medici, originally had the building built for the administrative offices of Florence in ... más información

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is one of the most important Italian museums, and one of the largest and best known in the world. The building houses a superb collection of priceless works of art, ... más información

Address Piazzale degli Uffizi Ticket Full € 8,00 Reduced € 4,00 (during temporary exhibitions, full price becomes € 12,50/6,25) If you book online, you have to add booking and online fees Opening h... más información


Fuori Porta

10 Via del Monte alle Croci·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 38 anfitriones de la zona

A wine bar and restaurant. An excellent wine selection as well as artisanal beer. The perfect stop for lunch or a light dinner

Italian and foreign wines by the glass ,typical Florentine dishes as well as creative light meals and snacks. Don't miss the ‘crostoni’ (grilled open faced sandwiches).

High quality and cozy place. It is an enoteca, so wine is good! The food is served in not so big portions but the taste combinations are very well thought trough. I suggest "Crosotni" and a good wine!


Spem Societa' Cooperativa La Cite' Libreria Caffe'

20-red Borgo San Frediano·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 37 anfitriones de la zona

It's library cafè. During the afternoon a quiet place where read a book or drink a tea, by night one of the highlight of Florence nightlife. Here you can find live music of jazz, rock and roll, funk..

Mostly indicated for youngsters, a very nice place to hang out by night, listening some live music and have a couple of drinks in a very warm and florentine environment!

Very lively and active library cafè, this was the first of this kind in town and keeps on rocking. This is famous for its events, conferences, live music and cultural initiatives. During the day is... más información



122 Via de' Macci·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

Recomendado por 34 anfitriones de la zona

Several offer for different solutions restaurant: (quite expensive), bar (dehor, same kitchen of restaurant) Trattoria (no reservation, dehor, same kitchen of the more expensive restaurant)

Higly recommended Florentine restaurant, a bit pricey but beside it, there is the Cibreino, same menu with much lower prices, no reservation, you just go there and wait until they find you a table.

From the chef Fabio Picchi one of the best traditional chef in Florence (personal opinion). Very philological tuscan dishes with a little touch of freshness. See also trattoria Teatro del Sale.

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