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RAW Tempel is a post-apocalyptic-looking space with clubs, music salons, bars, flea markets and a lot of activities.

RAW-Geländer offers numerous Clubs, Bars and concert venues. Grap something to eat and drink in revaler straße and taka a stroll across the RAW-Gelände.

Raw-gebiet is an old industrial area with 4-5 clubs and bars, always busy!

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Soho House's retail selection. Crazy selection of high-end fashion, design, and decor pieces.

Good place for a quick lunch and to get some work done in the quieter spaces of the café on the ground floor.

Soho Haus Berlin- great co working place, coffee and food, in their store on the ground floor, which is open for everyone.

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Amano rooftop bar is a funny place, you'll meet there rich chicks.

Local hotel bar. Popular for their Moscow Mules or Amano Mules cocktails. A bit smokey inside from smokers galore.

On the Hotel AMANO rooftop you can enjoy summer nights with a panoramic view over the city and a drink in your hand. The never-ending hustle and bustle of Berlin below, the sky above, and the TV to... más información

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Feeling adventurous and want to head somewhere idilic an peaceful this Forest will deliver on that a 35 min journey from Schonhauser Allee.

The lush Grunewald forest, where tony villas peep out between the trees, is in southwest Berlin. Nearby, you can swim in bucolic Schlachtensee Lake.

A big forrest in Berlin! With wild boar, red deer etc. The German forrest has a very specific smell. One reason for it is it's not as dry as some other forrest's on the planet.


Michelberger Hotel

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39/40 Warschauer Straße·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Good for dining with a large crowd on fridays and saturdays. Dance after dine in the hotel lobby. Crazy spot!

A converted factory building with innovative rooms, their cafe is a fast favorite for laptop geeks to spend their day work-chilling at.

Even when you're not a hotel guest, this place is great for breakfast, a sandwich, reading a book or an afternoon lunch during weekdays. Great vibe, friendly staff and great overall atmosphere!

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It seems to be the best club in world... check it out! Am Wriezener Bahnhof 10243 Berlin

Capital of Germany and a tourist magnet from all over the world Hauptstadt und Touristenmagnet von überall auf dem Globus.

Go for a 2 hour drive north east from Windischleuba and you arrive in Berlin, capital of Germany full of new architecture and all its history !

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Impressive collection of works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Paul Klee, and Alberto Giacometti

Heinz Berggruen bought his first painting in 1940 for $100 – a watercolour by Paul Klee. Half a century later, he gave to Berlin the bulk of his fabulous collection, then valued at $450m and includ... más información

Picassos, Klee and Chagall in a delicately exquisite and intimate museum across from the Charlottenburg Palace.

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This is bizar, and typical Berlin. Just go there, break in and walk through faded glory.

* Lost Place * Perfect for photographers and interested people that want to see one of the former fun attractions in Berlin, which is now open for guided tours.

It´s like a forrest in the middle of Berlin. There´s also the Spreepark, which was a former theme park and now is a attraction for tourists.

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Very good brunches and breakfasts.

Typical Berliner cafe. Ideal place to have breakfast.

Amazing cakes!!! Try the Canache (chocolate cake with whiskey).

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Lots of bars and venues inside this small area. Always cool events happening so be sure to look it up!

An area full of clubs and bars. I don't know where to start. I recommend the Bar Crack Bellmer. Its open even on Mondays, you only pay one Euro for the DJ along with your first drink. There is usu... más información

Flea market, bars, food, climbing wall, nightclubs, street food market, open-air cinema, etc.



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105 Pestalozzistraße·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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One of the best and most famous jazz-clubs in Germany. World-famous acts and local heroes are playing EVERY NIGHT! Don´t miss it, it´s a walk of 2 minutes from our place.

Jazz Bar, exquisite life music, relaxed atmosphere

The A-Trane was opened in late 1992. It is located in Berlin-Charlottenburg at Bleibtreustrasse 1 where its doors open every night at 9 pm. Uncounted locally and internationally renowned musicians ... más información

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Another big shopping center - not very frequented. Coffee shops, food and shops like H&M, Mango, Zara etc.

Closest shopping street to our place with all popular shops such as H&M, Zara, Mango etc.


Dong Xuan Center

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128-139 Herzbergstraße·Mapa·

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Little Asia: center offering excellent food, all you can buy, lively atmosphere - feeling like in the Far East in a busy shopping area.

Asian market, good food and cheap items of all kind

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This theatre runs a never ending show on Wedding named "Gutes Wedding schlechtes Wedding", mirroring a well-known German TV Show title. Episode 107 is on (!). This is in German.

Local theater that draws a die hard fan crowd almost every night. You will see them queuing in front of the house. Basically a sit com on stage with local characters.

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Beach volleyball fields in the very heart of Berlin!

Beach volleyball, beach bar and beach playground

The name might be misleading as it is not an actual beach but filled with sand and volleyball nets. It's a kids friendly place and adults tend to stay on to drink and soak up the sun.

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The beach at the White Lake with bar, good beer and sausages. Astonishing sunset!

A nice place to go in the summer. A small lake were you can swimm, watch the sunset and a have a bear and small simple things to eat.

Summer in Berlin usually means lots of sun and high temperatures. If you need to cool off then go to one of Berlin's many lakes. A great one is Weißer See where there is a beach as well as a beach ... más información

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Shops, supermarkets Netto and Kaiser, Dm, Coffee place, Bank

If you need something for the kitchen - you will find it here. It is open till midnight (sunday it's closed).

2 supermarkets, drugstore, pharmacy, cheap everyday stuff


Hau 1,2,3

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32 Hallesches Ufer·Mapa·Sitio web·

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Great theater, where Peaches makes musicals. Much performance-artist, dance and modern theater. It's diffrent and it's Berln!

Possibly my favourite theatre in Berlin due to the exciting programme on offer.

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This is the public pool around the corner. It's not even two minutes away if you like to go for a swim.

Fun pool, only 10 minutes walk from the Ferienremise. 25 m pool with a 1 and 3 meter diving tower, large non-swimmers pool with a big slide and toddlers‘ pool.

Great place to go, with kids or without. 50m pool, 30m slide, sole bath, etc. And with a small garden in the summer. Thru a tunnel you can swim to the outside. Nice, even in the winter.

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Some history of Berlin. Old train station. Free graffitiy option!!

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Dance venue, rehearsal space, & artist studios in Wedding

Uferstudios is a place for experimental contemporary dance and performance. You will see world renowned choreographers practice in their studios.

Dance and music performances and nearby restaurants.


Holzmarkt Pampa

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25 Holzmarktstraße·Mapa·Sitio web·

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I dont know but u have to go there and see good or fantastic people and relaxx with beautiful culture studded with Acrobatik ,colors, food and more. Check the best people of Berlin and her fantasy .

Cool area of the legendary Bar25 - techno club which closed some years ago. Now they reopened the place with urban gardening, a theatre, a club (Katerblau), a café, working spaces, an artistic hall... más información

Have a look at Kater Blau and the Holzmarkt. You can visit the little urban village during the day for a beer, pizza or special other dishes. Hanging around at the spree or buy something special at... más información

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One of the best vintage shop in Neukölln ! Clothing only !

If you enjoy second hand shopping, this is the best curated store in Berlin. Small and very friendly, they sell clothes in excellent conditions and carefully selected.

Fell in love with 90′s fashion. Let them Eat Cake and Oh Mini I am both are at the same address and run by two girls from the North who regularly bring some vintage from their countries, a lot of ... más información

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Tram M10 - easy to go to Warschauer Straße in less than 10 minutes

Tram M10, drives to Warschauerstr., and in the other direction to Prenzlauer Berg (Mauerpark)

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House, HipHop, RnB, Salsa, Reggaeton, Classics

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Theatre of West Berlin, one of my favourite cultural locations in the city, offers a great choice of performances for an exquisite evening.

5 min walk from home - Theatre of the West is one of the most famous theatres for musicals and operettas in Berlin. The repertoire changes frequently, currently they play Der Glöckner von Noter Dam... más información

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Nice space for getting work done. They also host other art, technology & food events. Good place to see what's happening in the kiez.

Open daily cafe & co-working space with affordable food & drinks.


Berliner Ensemble

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1 Bertolt-Brecht-Platz·Mapa·Sitio web·

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Berthold Brechts Theater, still a leading theater in town, mostly in german though.

High Culture: good theatre plays at Berliner Ensemble

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A bicycle is always the best way to get around in Berlin.

The cheapest bike rent. 4 Euro for day.