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Los mejores parques recomendados por gente local

“The National Mall is basically Washington DC’s backyard – it’s a grassy lawn where visitors and locals hang out on sunny days. Full of world-class museums (we’ll get to this later) and fun festivals, the National Mall is the center of many activities in the city.”
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“Awesome place to visit with kids / family. The zoo is free. And while it isn't too large, there are plenty of wonderful animals to observe. Notably the pandas are probably the most popular attractions. ”
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Cancha de tenis
“Nature and outdoor enthusiasts will love Rock Creek Park, a forrest-y enclave in the middle of DC. Those looking to pursue outdoor activities can hike, walk, bike, go horseback riding, play gold or tennis, and enjoy a picnic. ”
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“One of the nicest and least appreciated parks in D.C. is a place officially called Meridian Hill Park but known to everyone as Malcolm X Park. Its 12 acres sit on a hill overlooking downtown and the monuments. John Quincy Adams lived in a mansion here after leaving the White House. Today, there are spooky statues and cascading pools of water, more reminiscent of a neglected European chateau garden than a National Park Service tract. Visit late on a Sunday afternoon to dance to the sounds of the ad hoc drum circle that has been forming weekly since the 1950s.”
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“DC may be known for its monuments and memorials, but the city's waterfronts also offer plenty to see and photograph. The District’s two rivers, the Potomac and the Anacostia, shine brightly once the warm weather of summer settles on the nation's capital, setting the scene for the perfect active 'gram.”
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“I occasionally go here at night, sit on the steps, and just observe the reflection pool along with the Washington Monument in the night sky. I honestly think the experience is better at night. There’s usually college aged adults and small groups of tourists around even at 1am. ”
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Botanical Garden
“If you are passionate about plants like me, you will love to spend time here, socially at the tropical forest side.”
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“The National Arboretum is great on a nice day. They have many gardens to walk around, including a stunning collection of Bonsai plants. ”
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Basketball Court
“Awesome place to visit to see trees and flowers. You can drive your car in as well since it is huge. You can bike / skateboard / rollerblade, etc. It's quiet and peaceful.”
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Memorial Site
“The view of Washington DC at night from the Iwo Jima Memorial is amazing. Many times, when you see night photos and post cards from Washington DC, it is from this vantage point.”
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Carrera de perros
“If you want to grab a casual pizza and beer, Red Rocks at the corner of 11th and Park is hard to beat!”
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Monumento / lugar emblemático
“My favorite place to do a little hike. It's a designated wilderness area, but with easy trails and great historical markers. ”
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“The dramatic bridge on the Capitol Riverfront makes for a stunning shot, especially at sunrise and sunset. Play around with depth perception for an optical illusion, or grab a scoop from Ice Cream Jubilee for that perfect #foodintheair pic.”
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“Gravelly Point is more of a locals thing but its worth a mention. Its a park right along the Potomac River just north of Reagan National Airport. Its a fun place to have a watch the planes take off and land. Folks usually bring a blanket (and maybe a picnic) and watch as the planes fly a few hundred feet directly overhead. ”
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“National park mostly visited by locals. You'll see people picnicking with family and friends, people jogging, people walking their dogs. A nice spot to just relax and read a book.”
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Monumento / lugar emblemático
“A leading figure of the American Civil Rights movement, this powerful monument is an inspiring testament to his legacy. ”
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